Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monkey Butt No More

We are taking a short break from our regularly scheduled posting to share an important new find with you, our readers.  We feel it is our duty as responsible bloggers to keep our readers informed of new and exciting discoveries we make that could enhance your quality of life.  So, without further ado - we present Anti Monkey Butt Powder.

This revolutionary new powder-like substance has been tested and approved for the relief of monkey butt.  We're guessing this is a condition that plagues only primates.  And we know that most humans fall into that category. So, you're probably wondering - why do I care?  Well, more than likely, you're living with a (gasp!) primate who might become irritable because they suffer from monkey butt.  This could have the undesirable trickle-down effect of causing you to suffer, also.  Does your human act grouchy it you eat poop?  Does he/she get crabby if you chew, break or otherwise destroy something absolutely meaningless and worthless, like a new pair of shoes or a really old glass vase that's ugly anyway?  Does he/she raise their voice a little too loudly if you go counter surfing and snag the last half of the pizza?  Does he/she get a little testy after you've had a nice swim and perhaps walked through a little mud and then tracked it into the house and laid on the sofa? Well, our furiends, your human could be suffering from monkey butt.  So click on this link, post haste (that means really fast) and order up some Anti Monkey Butt Powder for your human. 

*** We were not paid, bribed or otherwise compensated for this advertisement, nor do we have any personal knowledge of this product's effectiveness in relieving Monkey Butt or any other condition that causes humans to be grouchy. ***

The Road Dogs (at your service)


Frankie Furter said...

I am rollin and roachin on the rug here!!!
This is hysterical. HIS TEAR A CULL I tellin you.
OMD OMD I would need a semi load of that stuff to cover my mom's butt.
I wonder what a Monkey Butt smells like?
Darn this is just a RrrrrrIot!!!
HERE it comes... my big finish..
You just CRACK ME UP.

Oskar said...

BOL, my dad person uses this. His feet sweat in his shoes at work (and they think we're weird) and the Anti Monkey Butt Powder keeps his feets dry.

He denies using this product on his own butt!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! TOO funny! My granddad gave my mom and dad some of that Anti-Monkey Butt stuff for CHRISTMAS last year. But they haven't gotten the chance to, ahem, test it out yet. I guess they don't have too much of a problem with monkey butt. Or maybe they DO but they don't realize it!

Anyways, thank you for this ever so insightful review on this product. I'm gonna have to remind my mom about it.

Wiggles & Wags,

George the Lad said...

BOL!!! Monkey Butt LOL, so I know now when I get an ichy behind its called Monkey Butt LOL!!!
See Yea George xxx

Benny and Lily said...

BOL...oh my nerve thats a good one.
Snuggles & snorts,
Benny & Lily

Brian said...

Now that's pretty darn funny! Hey, I am co-hosting a blog hop today, please hop by and pawticipate!

3 doxies said...

Uh could you send a truck to 123 Puddles St...I thinks mum could use some of know cuz of da window sill ordeal...dat I didn't do.
Luckily we don't counter surf or we would be in a predictament...we don't counter surf fur obvious reasons...we a little short to do dat.


houndstooth said...

LMTO! My dad actually has some of that stuff! It's because he likes to ride his bike a lot, I hear!


Mr. Pip said...

BOL!!! That's funny stuff!!! I am going to head right over there and order some for my papa. He is always a bit grumpy maybe this miracle product will help!

Your pal, Pip

Those Elgin Pugs said...

hee hee!!!
'da Josie ordered four bottles for IzZY and a case for 'da Pawrents!!! SNORTS!!!

Josie get back to you and let yous know how it turns out!!!
yous all had Mommy cracking ups!!

'da Josie

the booker man said...


Anonymous said...

Josh got some of this for Christmas last year and loves it. A truckers friend