Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Spy Something BIG

The ghost town adventure might not have lived up to its hype, but hold on to your chew toys boys and girls because the next thing we saw sure did!  Let's just say - we think we found the dude or dudette that lives behind this gate -

Wait for it . . . wait for it . . .

That, our friends, is what you call a grizzly bear butt!  In the FUR!  We were driving through Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest on the way back to the campground.  We were sort of disappointed that we hadn't seen any bear yet.  After all, we had driven all the way around Yellowstone TWICE.  There were rumors of bear spotting, but none for us.  So, seeing this bear was extra exciting 'cause we weren't expecting it.  It was on a long, winding road.  Dad was driving, Mom was looking out the window, we were sleeping.

All of a sudden, Mom says "There's a bear, there's a bear!" 

Dad says, "Where?" 

She says, "There!" 

Dad says, "Where?" 

She says, "Right there!" 

Well, you get how the conversation went. 

She says, "It's right there, running through those woods!  Keep going!  Keep going!  The road curves back around!  Maybe we'll catch him coming through the other side."  (She didn't really mean "catch" him, you know, just "see" him.) 

Mom's getting out the camera and telling Dad to step on it.  But, Dad didn't see the bear, so he's not really getting what she's talking about, so he's poking along. 

And Mom's saying/yelling, "Keep going!  Keep going!" 

So, we finally rounded the bend and sure enough, there's this big old bear hauling butt out of the woods and across the road right in front of us and then into the woods on the other side.  All Mom gets is a picture of his butt, but that was enough to prove we saw him. 

Anyway, here's the bizarre part.  Dad stops the car in the middle of the road - grabs the camera from Mom - jumps out of the car - and runs after the bear.  If you had any question about Dad's, um, sanity, well that should tell you all you need to know!  We will say that there were no other cars and we hadn't seen any others the whole time we were in the forest, but STILL - he was chasing a bear with a camera! . . . 

That bear had hauled butt pretty quickly and was nowhere to be seen.  Dad finally got back in the car and we drove on looking for another sighting of the bear, but he was obviously smarter than us!  We even went back the next day looking for ole grizzly butt, but that dude/dudette was hiding from us!  Probably scared of Dad! hehe

The Road Dogs (stalking grizzly bear)


Wyatt said...

That is exciting! Be careful, stalking don't want to be lunch!


Hound Girl said...

OMG that is so crazy - I still love that gate!
Wow im totally jealous you got to see grizzly bear butt :)

Priscilla said...

OMD! you saw THE bear!!!

Your dad is so so SO brave!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

That is way kewl that you snagged a pikshure of bear butt. I seened black bear butt twice this summer while hiking but mom woz not fast enuff with the camera to capshure it. Those bears do haul butt speedy quick. Hey guys, you mite want to keep that dad of yours on a leash. Just woofin'.

Brian said...

Was it Yogi??? Hey, it sure looks like a pretty wild area!

Emma Rose said...

Wow! I'm not too sure it is wise to chase a Grizzly Bear with a camera :) LOL!
Glad you finally got to see one though.

Emma Rose

K-9 Katastrophe said...

oooo! I have never seen a grizzley bear butt before!!


Frankie Furter said...

WHAT WAS HE THINKIN???? These peeps are gonna make us gray before our time.
You need to put a WALKIN' STRING on that guy!!!

Benny and Lily said...

Holy crap, run run..
Happee Wednesday
Benny & Lily

little princess Luna~ said...

OMD--your daddy is bonkers but pawsome~!! :D
i wonder if my dad would do the same?? maybe mum would be the one to jump out--bol.
that is super duper pawsome that you got to see a grizzly bum~!!!! :D
be careful though~!!!!!


The Teacher's Pets said...

Oh my dogness! I cannot believe that your dad ran after the bear! It's a good thing it wasn't the other way around or your dad would be lunchmeat...unless he's Grizzly Adams! HeeHee!
I have never been to Yellowstone...a lot of our pet sitting clients have gone there so at least we've seen pictures but it would be nice to go there in person!
Thanks for the exciting story!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh's my Goodnessessess's!!! 'dats some Spooky stuffs!!
Yous Daddy chased a bear!! A big bear in 'da furs!! We's wondering whats 'da bear was tinkin' of yous Daddy!!! SNORTS!!!

'dats 'prolly whys yous not seeing any ghosts in yous spookyvilles town trips... 'dat bear be telling the local Goblins and Ghouls 'bouts yous Daddy Man!! hee hees!!

Yous Daddy needs a safety seat in 'da car!!
hee hees

IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

George the Lad said...

LOL, sorry I bet it was not funny at the time, I know we all like to see photos, but that rates as a bit dangerous to me. :0
See Yea George xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's really neat about seeing the bear. All I've done is sniff their poop.

But, um, I'm with Frankie. You need to keeps a leash on your dad. What if that bear had eaten your camera? Then we never woulda gotten to see his butt.

Wiggles & Wags,

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How KHOOL!!!

Thanks fur sharing it with us!


houndstooth said...

BOL! Mom says it brought back memories of the trip she took to Yellowstone many years ago with Aunt Julie and Grandpa. Grandpa was obsessed with seeing a bear, but there had been bears attacking people at the time they were there and Mom and Aunt Julie had no desire to see a bear. Of course, one day, sitting in the truck waiting for him to come back from buying some groceries or something, they saw a bear while he was inside.


Sapphire said...

wooo. besides seeing them in television... this is somehow more 'real' :p adventures ahead!

Mr. Pip said...

OK, you guys are scaring me now!! Have you not seen that movie about Grizzly Bears!! They are not to be messed with!! Black bears, maybe, I have heard they are harmless, but s grizzly bear!!!! Even in my superhero dreams, I would not chase after a grizzly!! Your papa is very brave ...

Your pal, Pip

24 Paws of Love said...

I can't believe Dad actually got out of the car and ran after it! What in holy hell was he thinking?? lol That's just crazy!! We're all glad your safe and got to see the grizzly's butt!

Two Pitties in the City said...

So scary! Did you ask if his name was Yogi?

3 doxies said...

Oh you dad is a cracker Jack...hey, was he dat guy dat escaped from Bull St? Okays, I just kidding, no one really escaped from theres...hehehe! Or at least I have'nt heard.
We has lots of bears around heres. We had one dat was on 123 which is mega traffic here.