Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Celebrating Our Strangeness

Oh, wow, we've been honored with a really cool and funky award for our strangeness by Those Elgin Pugs, who, BTW, crack us up every time we read at their blog and look at those pics. Those dudes (um, ladies and dude) will do anything for a laugh - check out their poetry chops on Puddles post here (look in the comments)! Oh, yeah, they're strange! We don't think we could possibly compete with their strangeness, but still - we'll do our best.

Now you must go forth and celebrate the strangeness of friends (and strangers - strangers are always allowed) by nominating blogs run by strange folk. *Beware, some people don't like you to refer to them as strange…Try to avoid them if possible."

Of course, as with any award, there are some rules:

1. Add the logo of the award to your blog post - CHECK

2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you (don't mess with strange people) - CHECK (see above). But, we're gonna do it again here 'cause we don't want to be messin' with strange people (or dogs).

3. Nominate seven other blogs telling us why you think the recipient is strange enough to deserve the award.

We consider being called "strange" a very complimentary thing. We take it to mean "interesting" - in a good way.  So, we hope all our nominees feel the same way and take our "strange" comments in the good-natured way it is intended.

We have to say that we would have put Puddles first on the list, and we think everyone would agree, but she just received this award, so she has been duly recognized for her interesting strangeness!
1 - First up - Frankie Furter - Um, do we need to explain this - the dude married TWO girls! As confirmed bachelors and bachelorettes, we think this is strange indeed! Plus, he just cracks us up!

2 -  The Blablabs - check out their video Get Pet 101 and you'll see what we mean.

3 - I Still Want More Puppies because of the strange fascination with space, like this, for example - whatever "space" is. We only know what OUR space is, and we don't like it to be invaded!

4 - Two Pitties in the City - Ms. M + tutu = need we say more?  We love it!

5 - Hound Girl - Haylie and Fred, a fabulously strange couple - in the best possible way.

6 - Miley - A Curious Cavorting Cavoodle - now that's wonderfully strange, dontcha think?

7 - Pei Days - A beautiful Shar Pei named "Lola" - how exotically strange!  We love how she signs everything "Me, Lola." 

4. Leave a message for those nominated on their blogs.  Okay, we plan to do this immediately, if not sooner.  However, as we've admitted, our sense of time is very fluid.

5. And, if you email catephoenix(at)gmail(dot)com and tell her you've received the award for your strangeness, she'll enter you in the biggest kick-ass Strange Men competition ever. Details over at http://www.strangemeninpinstripesuits.com/ (click on the award link on the home page). We visited this website and, yeah, it's STRANGE all right, and a little scary. We might have to leave a light on tonight.

The Road Dogs (off to celebrate strangeness everywhere)


Two Pitties in the City said...

Oh, thanks so much for this award! We do think strange is a compliment too, though Miss M thinks she looks quite pretty in her tutu.

Frankie Furter said...

Oh thank you. I LOVE being strange.
I knew you were going to get this award. It was the picture of... the HEADLESS RANGER that guaranteed you admission to this grrreat society. BaWaaaah..

3 doxies said...

Oh dears, I thinks dis be's da fourth time I gots dis award...dis can't be good. BUT, it is soooooo much freakin' fun to be strange. I likes it alot.
I must gets to work on my acceptance speech.
And thank you doggies very much fur bestowing dis oh so fabulous award to me.


Hailey said...

Wooo whoooo! Congrat's on your new award! Guess what?!?! I just awarded you the Doggie Bloggie award because you always have so much to say and about other's! I wish my mom found more time to visit more often! Please drop by my blog to claim it! Happy Tuesday!

Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

Hound Girl said...

hahaha Thank you so much for nominating us :) We wrote about it today how strange we are?!
Welcome to the strange club guys!!

Too bad anyone that calls them fabulous makes their egos boost so Im not telling them you said they are fabulous :)

ps. we think yall are wonderful too :)

Pup Fan said...

This is just too funny! Congrats to you, and thanks for the award - I guess there are worse things in life than being strange. :) Will definitely work on a post to pass it along!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh we's just loves yous bloggy!!!

Yous make us smile and laugh and we love your adventures!!!

You is a company we like to keep!!!
Congrats and tanks for accepting our stranges!!

IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

houndstooth said...

People are strange
When you're a stranger
When you are lonely
People are strange!

We think being strange is a good thing, too!


Mr. Pip said...

Embrace strangeness!

Your strange pal, Pip

the booker man said...

ya'll are just rakin' in the shiny awards! way to go!! gratsers on your weirdo-ness!! heeheehee! :)
the booker man