Monday, January 31, 2011

Treats! Treats! Treats!

Hmmmm, guess Kayla knew this would be the last day of treat giveaways for awhile OR maybe it was just too early in the morning to expect precision. 

Whatever the reason, we have THREE treat winners today!  (PeeS - it might look like there are only a FEW entries in the bowl, but, well, Kayla has a rather, um, large head and it is obscuring almost ALL the entries under her chin PLUS the third winner.  We promise everyone's name is in there, except of course, the previous winners :)

So, without further ado - DRUMROLL PLEASE . . .

Today's TREAT WINNERS are - Mayor Frankie Furter, Police Chief Sarge and Darby's Mom, Vicky, over at Paw Print City Times. Sorry, Puddles, it's NOT a conspiracy and NOT rigged in any way.  If it WAS, don't you think we would have bribed YOU FIRST, being the Governor and all? Of course, it probably looks a little fishy that Frankie AND Sarge won since they're cuzzins and all, but we SWEAR there is NO bribery going on here.  Well, except the peanut butter in the bottom of the bowl to bribe Kayla to pick winners.  SHE doesn't do anything without a bribe!  

The winners will receive a small bag of treats in their favorite flavor from Never Spoiled, Just Well Loved.

We want to THANK EFURRYONE for playing and look forward to doing it again!  In the meantime, we are sponsoring a couple of prizes over at MangoMinster - MORE TREATS from Never Spoiled, Just Well Loved for Best in Show First Runner Up and a COOL T-SHIRT from Furry Twang for Reader's Choice, Shameless and Diva Dogs.  Furry Twang is also a local business here in Charleston that makes Southern-inspired T-shirts and collars for dogs.  So, if you like a little tea with your sugar, go check out Furry Twang. 

The Road Dogs (think it's time for a nap now)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Squirrel and the Magic Mushroom, etc.

Look at this dude! 

He's just casually chowing down on a mushroom in a tree in OUR BACKYARD a couple of days ago - right outside Dad's office window!  He's got SOME nerve, eh?

And they MUST be magic 'cause he ate ONE side and this happened . . .

He ate the OTHER side and THIS happened . . .

If any of you youngsters don't know what any of this means . . . go ask Alice.  But DON'T tell Police Chief SargeWait a minute, we just realized Sarge has a white rabbit on his blog today.  Hmmmm, coincidence???

Now, back to events on THIS side of the Looking  Glass.

We just want to give a big PAWS UP to Five Sibes!  You may know that they have been nominated for a shorty and  we're just thrilled for them!  If you've got a Twitter account, head on over and vote the Five Sibes here  Congrats and Good Luck Five Sibes!

The Road Dogs (in Wonderland)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Treat Giveaway WINNER II

Kayla is really starting to dig these treat giveaways!  Hmmm, wonder why???  Here's the little random picker outer in action looking for today's WINNER of a bag of yummy treats from Never Spoiled Just Well Loved!

There is is!!!  See it over there on the left??? Drumroll please . . .

Aaaannnddd . . . Shiva's The Wonder Dog's Mom, Kristine, is our WINNER today!
Um, Shiva, we hope your Mom shares those treats with you!  She chose cinnamon spice BUT we'll be in touch with you personally to make sure that's the flavor YOU want. hehe  Although we think she's got pretty good taste - we're totally digging that new tag she got you!

Congrats to Shiva & Kristine. 

Now, we'll be giving away another bag of treats NEXT Monday.  So, stay tuned . . .
Remember, if you already told us your favorite flavor, you don't have to do a thing except wait for it!

The Road Dogs (campaigning for NO empty treat jars!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treat Giveaway and Barney Status

We had so much fun giving away treats last week and we think Shawnee & Co. would give them a paws up - go over there and ask her yourself.  SO - as promised, we're doing it AGAIN tomorrow!  Now, if you already told us your favorite treat last week, you DON'T have to do a thing!  We've got you covered.  But, if you haven't told us and you WANT to tell us, go to this post here and let us know what your favorite Never Spoiled, Just Well Loved flavor is.  M'kay?  We'll be letting our official random picker outer do her thing and we'll let you know who WINS tomorrow.  Stay tuned . . .

Now, the OP Pack expressed some concern on the last post about the safety of the Barney stuffie in the background and we just wanted to publicly state that Barney WAS NOT harmed in any way during the filming of those destuffing pics.  As of THIS posting, THAT Barney is still safe and sound.  Just so you know, Barney happens to be Gracie's favorite stuffie.  Mind you, the one she has now (in the pic) is NOT her original Barney.  Over the years, one or more of us (even Gracie) have destuffed her Barneys and they had to be replaced, but Mom & Dad always seem to find another one.  Maybe she just has a thing for large purple dinosaurs.

AND, speaking of large purple dinosaurs, we saw this guy (who is actually fuchsia) on our road trip last spring and NOW just seemed the perfect time to share it. 

Gracie went BONKERS when she saw him and BEGGED to let him come home with us.  Alas, there just wasn't room in the food hauler so he stayed behind to welcome all the other guests to Flintstones Bedrock City in Custer, SD in the Black Hills. 

NOW - sing it like you mean it!  I love you, you love me, we are friends like friends should be, with a great big hug and a kiss from me 2 you, won't you say you love me 2?

The Road Dogs 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Are you ready? Are you ready for this?

Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?

C'mon efurrybody - SING it with us! 

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

Hey, I'm gonna get you too

Another one bites the dust

Are you happy, are you satisfied

How long can you stand the heat

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust, hey, hey!

Taz's FAVORITE bone stuffie bit the dust last week!  Although he DIDN'T START the destuffing (we have our suspicions, but we're not tattletales) he didn't MIND finishing the JOB!

What?! I didn't do anything!

Even caught red-pawed and with EVIDENCE hanging out his mouth, Mom still refuses to enter him as a BAD DOG in MangoMinster!  She says this wasn't his fault ~ that somebody else started it.

Here's the carcass of the pink bone stuffie!  That's right!  PINK!  What kinda DUDE likes PINK stuffies?  Mom says he's just got a SENSITIVE side.  Hmmpppffff!  Sissy boy is more like it!

And GUESS WHAT!?  They just went out and bought him ANOTHER PINK BONE STUFFIE ~ even PINKER than the last one!  And he LOVES it!

We need to get the boy some THER-A-PEE before he starts wearing DRESSES!  Anybody know a good THER-A-PISSED?

Don't worry - that song will only be in your head for, like, um, the next TWO days or so. That is, UNLESS you start singing the ANTIDOTE song - It's a Small World After All, It's a Small World After All . . .

And, um, APOLOGIES to Queen  . . .

The Road Dogs (weapons of mass destuffing)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Musical Notes

Do you LOVE music?  WE DO! Our Dad is a very talented musician - although he only plays for us and Mom and we know George's Dad is a very talented musician.  But on occasion we like to partake of the local offerings here in the Lowcountry of SC.  There's tons of talent here and some cool places to listen to them - some are outdoors and even allow dogs! 

One of Mom and Dad's favorite local duos is Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent aka Shovels & Rope.  Cary Ann and Michael are super talented - they write and perform all their own music.  You might have even heard of them - some of their songs are getting played on the radio and and she even had one song called "He**'s Bells" played at the closing credits of True Blood on HBO.  That's why she can say "He**'s Bells" - cause it's on HBO. BOL  Here's a link to the video she and Michael made of the song! It's kinda weird, in a good way. Lots more clips of live performances on that link with her name.  Check 'em out.

Cary Ann just released her newest CD and threw a big party to celebrate. Now, we didn't get to attend this particular event 'cause it was INDOORS and, um, whatever, BUT Mom and Dad went and they said it was great! Cary Ann & Michael do a lot of traveling - so if you happen to see that they're playing in your neck of the woods, you should really go see them.  Word is they might even be traveling to Europe this year.  Maybe George's Dad can jam with them.  Mmmmm, jammmmm . . .  Anyway, check the left side of the Shovels & Rope link for upcoming shows. They're kinda rock, kinda country, kinda crazy - but really good. 

Oh, yeah, and, most impawtant, they have a cool dog named Townes - after, you know, Townes Van Zandt.  He gets to travel on the road with them, too.  How great is that???  Check out this link to see some pics of the awesome Townes. So - they're dog lovers and play cool music.  That's why we're giving 'em some space here.

And now we're gonna give a BARK OUT to the fabulous Charleston Pour House for offering up awesome local music every week AND for having the best outdoor deck in town that allows DOGS!  We love ya!  The Pour House is where all the cool musicians play at one time or another, either inside or on the deck.  Cary Ann and Michael have played TONS of sets at the Pour House, sometimes accompanied by Townes when they play on the deck.  It's kinda their second home when they're not on the road.  BUT, we have a feeling there's good things in store for this duo and we're just glad we were able to catch their act in person before they go off and get too famous for Chucktown.

The Road Dogs (Rolling Stone: If you're reading this, we're available)

Aaaaaannnd, The Winner IS . . .

But first, we want to thank efurryone for entering the treat giveaway.  The winner gets his or her choice of a bag of treats filled with their FAVORITE flavor baked especially for them by Chef Sarah of Never Spoiled, Just Well Loved and given the sniff of approval by taste testers Layla and Nolan. 

And, NOW, we present our VERY OWN - VERY scientific random selector:  KAYLA!

Aaaaannnnd - she's sniffing out a winner . . . 

THRE IT IS ! (Mom got so excited, the camera strap thingy got in the way).  This would be much more exciting as a MOVIE with MUSIC but, well, um, we don't know how to do that . . .

Here's a close up - WHO do you think it is???

AND the winner is . . . DRUMROLL please . . .

Congrats to Shawnee who has chosen Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip as her favorite flavor! We'll be mailing her treats out as soon as they're out of the oven.

NOW, if you didn't win this round, be sure to come back NEXT Monday when we randomly pick ANOTHER winner!  That's right, we're gonna do this a couple more times, so stayed tuned for another chance to win treats in your favorite flavor.  And, best of all, you DON'T have to enter again.  We're gonna keep efurrybody's entries - so you're ALREADY entered.  THANKS for playing efurrbody!!!

The Road Dogs (campaigning against empty treat jars!)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Treat Giveaway Roundup

Just popping in to say - don't forget to enter for your chance to win some AWESOME treats from Never Spoiled, Just Well Loved.  That is, if you haven't already and you want to.  Go to this post to read the super easy details and comment by tomorrow - Sunday - around midnight (ish) or so.  We'll be doing the random drawing thingy on Monday and we'll let ya know!

Hmmmm, we could use a treat right now!

The Road Dogs

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back It Up to Thanksgiving

We're gonna get in our time machine and back it up to Thanksgiving, when we kinda took a holiday break from blogging.  Now that we put in down in black and white and pictures, it doesn't seem all that exciting BUT we had a great time - even if SOMEBODY didn't capture all our fun on the the camera.  We took a little road trip with the food hauler up to the foothills of North Carolina where we spent the WHOLE week.  Mom and Dad got us this dog park up there a few years ago (that's what we call it anyway) and we go up there on occasion.  It's got lots of room to run around and no neighbors nearby (yay!).  It's real pretty and you can see the mountains, um, Dad calls them "hills" 'cause, you know - he likes the big Rocky Mountains.  But WE like it! 

We get to spend all day outside wandering around while Dad fixes fences and does Dad stuff.  Mom reads and takes us for walks and throws the tennis balls.  All in all - FUN for us!  There's no lecktricity or running water but we have the food hauler and there's a little creek to drink from.  There's a river, too, but we can't get down to it very easy.  Anyway, we had all we need, really.  

We had fire . . .

And sweaters . . .

and each other to keep us warm. 
Things are a little more cozy in the food hauler, as you can imagine.

And when Mom and Dad got bored, we took a drive and here's some of what we saw.

A cool gate

Lake Lure - where they supposedly filmed Dirty Dancing

An Inn/Restaurant all wrapped up for Christmas. haha Mom thought this was a present from Dad.

We think this is the coolest name ever for a town.

See the bat over there on the left?  We don't think it's a REAL bat though.

This is the Jackson Building in Asheville.  Mom & Dad were fascinated with this building and took about a hundreds pics of it.  It is kinda interesting that it has HEARTS and GARGOYLES on it.  Strange mix.

Close up of Gargoyle.

Roof of City Hall - Mom likes red tile roofs

Roof of the First Baptist Church

This is for our furiend LOLA of Pei Days.
Lola - we didn't know you had a shop in Asheville.

This would be Mom's favorite place!  That is, if we woulda let her stop and go in.

A teapot statue in the River Arts District, Asheville. 
You know how Mom loves the art! She wanted to go shopping, but this was actually Thanksgiving Day and all the studios were closed.   If you love art, you really should visit this area - lots of working studios!

Metal sculpture in the River Arts District. 

Metal Sculpture in the River Arts District

um, MORE metal sculpture

and . . . you guessed it!  MORE metal sculpture.

This is a cabin Mom would like to have - instead of staying in the food hauler.

And HERE's what happened to one of the tires on the food hauler on the way back home to SC.  Good thing we had three more.  It looks like SHREDDED WHEAT.

TIP - do NOT drive around like this.

We had to call someone to come pick up Dad so he could go to the tire store and get a new tire, then come back and put it on.  We're lucky to have a handy guy like Dad who can fix stuff 'cause Mom sure can't!

AND . . . we still made it home by sunset.

The Road Dogs (reporting from the foothills of NC)