Thursday, June 30, 2011

Charleston Dog Show - Part II

Okay, we're back with Part II of our Charleston Dog Show photo session.  Mom was clicking away and took more than 87 million photos but we're not gonna post all of them here.  Whew!  But here are a few more random pics in no particular order.  We think you will see a LOT of pups that look like our Blogville furiends.

What a happy face!  This is a breed we don't see much here in SC!


Can you do this with your tongue?

Dude!  Have a tic tac or something!

Think I need to change my shorts!  Did you see how big that dude was?

How do you like my collar?  I have a boat to go with it, too!

We don't remember anyone's name we met except this pretty girl - Tabitha!  Dad kinda fell in love with her.  Fortunately, she has a really good home and a sweet ride!

You want a piece of me?

Don't I look cute in pink!

Um, what's good to eat here?

That's a wrap for this year's Charleston Dog Show.  Hope you enjoyed the pics! 

We gotta practice our hula moves for the luau this weekend!  Aloha!
The Road Dogs