Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Ready for the Big Blogville Back to School Bash

We're just chillin' until it's time for the Back to School Bash to start.

The Bounce House is all spiffied up and ready for your bouncing fun! 

Just a couple of quick reminders:

Remember to get your pawdicures BEFORE bouncing.  We don't want to have a lot of down time while we make repairs, um, like last time :)

Try to eat your hotdogs AFTER bouncing.  Ditto above for cleanup :)

Other than that, have a great time! 

Oh, yeah, the Bounce House will be a Commentathon to benefit SAS this weekend.  We will donate 25 cents for each comment/bounce over the weekend.  You can comment/bounce as much as you like, but we're only going to count  one comment/bounce per person each day.  Does that make sense?  If not, don't worry - just comment/bounce 'til you can't jump anymore and we'll let our accountant figure it out!

We're looking forward to all the exciting Back-to-School Bash activities!  We were so busy slacking off at the pond preparing the Bounce House that we didn't even get dates to the Prom or send pics in to anything!  And we can't even remember if signed up for any classes.  BUT, we'll be sure stop by all the activities and see what everybody's up to over the weekend.  It's gonna be a BLAST!

The Road Dogs

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grape Stomping and Other Bits and Pieces

We've been reading about Frankie's GRAPE ADVENTURES and then we picked up the newspaper and saw that we've got some GRAPE goings on right here in our neighborhood!  Irvin House Vineyards on Wadmalaw Island is having their annual GRAPE STOMPING FESTIVAL featuring ~

you guessed it - a Lucy Look-A-Like Contest, where "I Love Lucy" Fans will get their chance to don their best Lucy costume and reenact the famous 1956 episode of "I Love Lucy" when Lucy takes a job in a vineyard and stomps grapes. Also, teams of two will compete in a grape stomping contest to see who can produce the most juice from 20 lbs. of grapes in 3 minutes. 

There will be music, food and even a bounce house!  And guess what?  The best part is that DOGS ARE ALLOWED (on leash, of course)!  So, if you or anybody you know is visiting the Charleston area today from 2:00-6:00, tell 'em about the grape stomping festival.  Um, don't think we'll be going, though, as it's right smack in the middle of our swimming time. 

Be sure to get in on the PAWS CROSSED AUCTION.  It's down to the wire and ends tomorrow 8/28!  There's lots of great deals so go check it out before it ends!  It's never too early to start your holiday shopping!

And all you Pitties out there - don't forget to send in your frog pose entries for our calendar!  And tell all your Pittie furiends about it, too!  We've already got some GREAT entries.  Do you recognize this guy?

Check out more entries HERE.  We want to thank everybody that has helped us get the word out!

We've been really slack about visiting blogs and commenting lately, but we've been on some top-secret missions in undisclosed locations.  One of our missions is to find the Penny Mine.  You might remember that we located the Ruby Mine where Frankie is reported to have found one of his beautiful wives. 

BUT, we haven't found the Lucky Penny Mine yet, so  Shawnee offered to be on the lookout during her hikes and she found this and sent it to us.

It looks like Frankie might have had to work a little harder to get his Penny than his Ruby!  BOL

Well, it Hurricane Irene pretty much bypassed SC and we're keeping our paws crossed for the rest of the country! Be safe!

Looking forward to the Back-to-School Bash next weekend.  Keep up with the latest events on Sarge's blog and if you haven't checked out the video that Mona & the Weenie  produced, you've got to check it out!

Time to go swimming and then we're gonna need a nap!

The Road Dogs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We're as happy as can be -

our furiend Wyatt is turning THREE!


WYATT is having a big huge County Fair blowout to celebrate his third birthday!  Go HERE to check out all the fun!  We are having a BLAST!!!

The Road Dogs

Friday, August 19, 2011

Whitewater Adventure (sort of)

Okay, we promised photos of our whitewater adventure, so here we go -

Our trip begins here in the lovely Nantahala National Forest

This is where we will wind at the end of our adventure

After we choose our flotation device

And get on the big blue bus that takes us to where we'll put our flotation device in the river

Lots of places to choose your flotation device and guide so you don't get lost

Huh? What? We can't get on the big blue bus or in the canoe thing?

How about if we hitch a ride with these folks?

Or them?  Huh?  They look nice and dog-friendly.

All right, then, just throw the stick!

Here's more river adventurers

There they go . . .

This dude is trying to whitewater raft without a raft!  Can you see him?

haha He fell out of this raft! OR maybe they pushed him out!

Cooper swimming out to rescue --


Aspen let Cooper do all the hard work

There a numerous little beaches like this along the river with picnic tables

Do you see the guy that fell out of the boat?  Waaaay over to the right.  He's waiting for his raft to make it over to him. 

Fun fact: Even though it was early August, the hottest time of the year here, the water was still SUPER cold!  The "Nanny" is dam-controlled and water is pulled from the bottom of Lake Nantahala so the water is in the 50's year round!

Got a snack?  Watching all this work is making me a tad hungry!


Yeah, me too!

This was a new one on us!  Whitewater fishing from a raft/contraption.

What will they think of next?

End of adventure. 
Time for some grub!

The Nantahala is one of Mom & Dad's favorite whitewater rafting rivers - it's a pretty easy ride and the scenery is just so beautiful!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and lots of fun adventures!

The Road Dogs