Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey furiends!  Fashion Week wrapped up this weekend here in Charleston.  So we thought we would show you what the fashionistas will be wearing this year. 

Feathers and Zebra stripes were big on the runway:

Proving once again that you can never have too many feathers or zebra prints in your closet!

For all you PARTY Girls!  What's a party without some tulle?

Red Carpet Ready with MORE Feathers!

Haute Couture - for touch chicks with street smarts who still like a touch of tulle.

Hollywood Glamour - or "Ode to Liz"

Of course, EVERY fashion show must have a bridal gown

and Bridesmaids . . .

Let's not forget the GROOM!

Now, if you missed Charleston Fashion Week - don't despair!  We've got your live fashion show right HERE

Disclaimer:  This was a "just-for-fun" post!  We only encourage dressing like this if you LIKE it!  If it's NOT your thing, just say "NO" to clothes!  But, if dressing up is your thing and you've got a fancy party coming up, you really must check out these website links.  Even if you're rolling your eyes and cringing in your collar, we bet your humans will get a smile :)

The Road Dogs (no haute couture for us, thankuverymuch)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

*FREE* Stump Grinding

We've had this magnolia stump sticking out of our deck for a few years.  Dad cut down the tree 'cause the big ole magnolia pods sound like cannons when they fall on the metal roof of the sunroom.  Mom said she was tired of the stump being there so she called in some stump grinders.  Dad complained about the money they charge, but Mom said these guys were FREE!  You can't beat that!

They're really hard workers - look at his head GO!


Let's chase a squirrel!!!

We hope they come back to finish the job.  It's really hard to get good help around here.

The Road Dogs (just call us Audobon . . . James Audobon)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday

We're taking Artsy Fartsy Friday off the canvas and into 3-D today.  No, you don't need those funky glasses :)  It's the ART that's 3-D! 

The tiny town of Virginia City, Montana is an ode to the Wild West but right smack in the middle of the main street you will find a paradoxical convergence of arts from the East, West and Europe known as Red Bear Mountain Trading Post.  (We're exercising some poetic license here, but that's how we see it :) 

The main drag in VA City where horses and horsepower co-exist

Welcome to Red Bear Mountain Trading Post - Come on in!

You will find many examples of Native American arts at Red Bear Mountain including medicine pouches and dream catchers.  The proprietress of Red Bear Mountain aka Niya is skilled in the art of lampwork (made popular in Italy).  Her lampwork beads are definitely works of art and just incredible.  So that's what we're gonna share with you today.

The beads in the middle are "Goddess" Beads - make the pic BIG and you can probably see why :) 

Have you ever tried to make lampwork beads?  Mom watched it being done up close and in person once and she has to agree when people say it's like working with honey!  We think Niya's beads are really special - so special that we had to have some of our own!   They are like miniature sculptures!  Here's our selection:

We were feeling kinda bearish that day.  Probably had something to do with seeing a real live grizzly that week :)

Niya also puts those dextrous hands to work with the healing art of Reiki (believed to originate in Tibet and rediscovered in Japan).   At the risk of you thinking we've gone crackers on you, we LIKE Reiki and have personally experienced its benefits.  In fact, Aspen was having some extraordinary hip issues while we were traveling last year (Aspen has REALLY bad hips - even for a Shepherd - and has had funky hips since we found her as a pup walking along Hwy. 610 in Virginia, not to be confused with Virginia City.)  Anyway, she got to the point where she wasn't putting any weight on one of her back legs.  (It's a long story and we won't bore you with the details.  It turned out to be some sort of bad infection in her hip and it was treated with antibiotics and she was back to her "normal" wobbly self.)  BUT, we could tell she was in pain and uncomfortable so we asked Niya to do Reiki on her.  You have to know Aspen, but until recently she COULD NOT stay still!  If she was outside and not allowed to just walk and walk, she would walk in circles incessantly like a cage tiger.  But after her Reiki session of about 20-30 minutes, she was as calm and relaxed as we've ever seen her!  No kidding! 

Here's Niya putting the touch to her own pup who gets to hang at the store and greet everyone.  (Now we're really embarrassed to tell you that we can't remember this pup's name.  We wrote it down and now can't find our writings.  If we come across it, we will let you know!) 

Wow, writing this makes us really want to get back on the road again! 

The Road Dogs

Friday, March 18, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday

Today, we have not one, but a gathering of animal-loving artists who have banded together to help animals in need with proceeds from their art.  The organization is known as "Art Helping Animals" and was launched in March 2006.  You can read more about Art Helping Animals in the January 2007 issue of Best Friends Magazine.  Just click on the link and scroll to page 18 where you will read about this wonderful group of artists and some of the animals who have benefitted from their talents and generosity. 

Here is just a small selection of work from Art Helping Animals.  Each link will take you to the Art Helping Animals website (not the individual piece of art 'cause that's how they have it set up).  But we have listed the title and artist so you can search by artist name on the website.  The website also lists prices of available art and rescues benefitting from the art.  We think this is a pretty cool way to help animals in need and hope you enjoy this sampling from Art Helping Animals.


This is "Oscar" and he belongs to a friend of the artist.  Oscar is often her muse and inspiration for paintings that will help rescue.  As the artists puts it:  "He is the classic smooth Dachshund with lots of personality."  Sound like anyone you know???


Tucker (the adorable inspiration for "Seeking a Forever Home" above) Tucker was rescued by Bama Bullies and these pics are from 2009 when he was in a foster home.  We haven't checked, but we're assuming Tucker has found his forever home :)

We've only shown dog and kitteh (hey, we're equal opportunity art lovers :) but these artists paint lots more than dogs and cats!  Check 'em out!


The Road Dogs (bringing cool art to your computer screen)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pot 'O Gold Winner!!!

Hold on to your shamrocks, boys and girls -

We picked a winner of the pot 'o gold * on this fine St. Paddy's Day -

- using Random.org

Representing Random.org**

And he has decreed that the lad or lass who wins the pot 'o gold* today is . . .

aka Mini Schnauzer
aka Nubbin' Wiggles

Congrats to you, Oskar!  We'll be sending you that code so you can go on over to CSN and pick out that cool car seat.  This really is a cool car seat!  Good choice, Oskar!

We want to thank all you lads and lasses for entering this giveaway and we'll be wishing you all . . .

Now go have some green beer and kiss a blarney stone or better yet, head over to the KISSING BOOTH and kiss one of our furiends!

Legal disclaimers: 
*The pot 'o gold is actually a $45 gift code to be used at any of the 200+ CSN stores online

** We actually did use Random.org to select the winner. Here's a screenshot of the number of the winning entry.  We numbered the comments sequentially from 1 - 27.

We didn't receive any compensation of any kind (not even a Milkbone!) for hosting this giveaway.

The Road Dogs (wishing you all the Luck 'o the Irish and some corned beef and cabbage today!)