Monday, May 31, 2010

Are there Eagles in Eagle, CO?

We finally said "adios" to New Mexico and decided to head for some cooler weather. So, we're on the road to Colorado. We tried to stop a couple of times for a snack or a stop and play, but twice - not once, but TWICE - we were run out of towns in Colorado by packs of wild dogs! We kid you not! We didn't even get pictures of the wild dogs! They just came out of nowhere, barking like crazy when Dad tried to stop the truck. So, we just barked back and Dad burned rubber. We were just thinking we shouldn't be stopping in Colorado at all, but the scenery was beautiful.

We kept seeing these signs telling Cooper to ski, but Cooper said he can't ski. So, we're not sure what they meant.

Then we found this place and it was just right. 

This is Sylvan Lake State Park in Eagle, CO.  Isn't is spectacular?!  If you wanna go too, you can read more here:

Aspen in Colorado:

Aspens in Colorado:

 We didn't see any Eagles in Eagle, CO but we did see these:

We'll be quiet now so you can just enjoy these pawsome pictures!

The Road Dogs (searching for eagles in Eagle, CO)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yay - It's Blog Hop Saturday!

We love to meet new friends and see what fun things everyone is up to! Join the hop with us!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview with a Chiwienie

Remember our shopping adventures on Bent Street? Well, while we were hanging out in the courtyard under the shade trees listening to the local music, we met a super nice couple there.  They were curious about Kayla because, well, because she is rather "long" for her legs, but totally adorable! They told us they were adopting a "Chiwienie" and wondered if Kayla was part "wienie." (We're not at all sure, but we're guessing Kayla has some basset or doxie in there somewhere, but her ears are all Corgi!) Anyway, they said their new pup would be coming to live with them when they returned to Wisconsin and promised to have her email us. Her name is Lucy and she has graciously sent  us some photos of her cute self to share with you and we even snagged this exclusive interview with her.
We're gonna let Lucy tell you her story in her own words.  Then, we'll follow up with some questions that we know are furmost on the minds of our readers. 

Heeeeere's Lucy:


My name is Lucy and I’m a one year old “Chiwienie." The dog police caught me when I was looking for my parents who were lost in Milwaukee. I should have kept a closer eye on them. After I was in doggie prison for a week, a nice lady named Tracie took me into her home so she could find a nice new dad and mom for me. I’m now living in a little log cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. Because it gets very cold up here in the winter, my “forever” parents told me that we would go to live in southern Arizona for the winter. They said it will be warmer for me, but I’ll wait to see for myself.

My life is pretty good up here with my “forever” dad and mom. A new thing for me is a trip to the dump. The “dump man” is really a nice guy and always has a cookie for me. My dad throws really good stuff away that I’d like to play with. I just don’t understand him. I also found another really nice place called a bank. My Dad doesn’t seem to do anything when we go there except put me up on the counter where nice ladies pet me and give me more cookies. This could be a pretty good life.

I get lots of walks and that is really something new. There are smells of other dogs all along the road. My dad and mom call these dogs, deer, bear, raccoon, skunk and foxes. They must be a new breed because I never met them in Milwaukee.


Road Dogs:  What are you favorite treats?
Lucy:  I’ve tried Charley Bears but I think they taste like recycled wood pulp so I’m not crazy about them. The bank ladies have me “hooked” on Cesar “Softies” with the Filet Mignon Flavor. Dad thinks I’m addicted. I don’t know what it means but it must be good.

Road Dogs:  What is your favorite place to sleep?

Lucy:  Well, that depends on the time of day. My night time place is in a nice bed under my Dad’s computer desk. I’m really close to my parents bed so I can stay awake until they go to sleep. That way I know that they’re safe and not going to leave me. My daytime “nap place” was made for me by my mom. She put a big fat pillow behind her favorite chair and against the window. I can lay right against the window and watch the lake 30’ away. I can also make sure that none of the chip monks or humming birds get too close to the window. Sometimes a “deer” dog comes down to the lake to drink. He’s too big for me to scare away so I just watch.

Road Dogs: What is your favorite activity?

Lucy:  Other than getting cookies from the dump man or the bank ladies, it’s walking with my family or running like crazy around the house bouncing off the beds and furniture. I sure enjoy it but my dad and mom laugh until they can’t stand up.

Road Dogs:  What is your favorite toy?

Lucy:  Well, I have lots of toys but my favorite one is whichever my dad or mom have in their hand and is ready to throw it for me. I like the “squeaky” toys very much but as you can see, it seems that I have a mean streak and have to rip some of them to shreds. The attached picture shows how I gutted poor BoBo. You can see the innocent look on my face. When my dad asked me who did that terrible thing to BoBo, I told him that it was President Bush’s fault. I’ve heard it before on TV so I thought it would work. It didn’t !!! I have an assortment of toys and two of the new ones I found are called slippers and socks.

Road Dogs:  Lucy, we are so happy that you found your forever home!  It sounds fabulous and we are glad we got to meet your Mom and Dad.  We could tell that they would be wonderfurl parents!
Lucy:  I love my new home and my new “forever” parents. They are very very smart people because it only took me three or four days to train them.

Road Dogs:  Well, Lucy, that about wraps it up for now, but we would love to keep in touch with you and let our readers know what you're up to!

Lucy:  I’d like to write to you every once in a while to tell you about my new adventures, especially my winter in the Sonora Desert. I think I like Deserts but my mom says the ones I like have two “S’s” in the word. What the heck, if it tastes good I don’t care how it’s spelled.

Kisses from northern Wisconsin. Lucy

Road Dogs:  We would love that!  And we totally agree with you about the Deserts (and Desserts)!

Don't you just love a happy tale?

The Road Dogs

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cowboys & Indians

If you are thinking about visiting Taos, you might want to check out the June 2010 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine. They have a whole article on cool things to do in Taos. That first page with the Rio Grande Gorge - that's where we went shopping and ran into that outlaw Baboo, as you might recall. (BTW, we're just joshing about Baboo - he was totally cool).   And yep, pardner, you heard us right - we're from South Carolina and we bought a Cowboys & Indians magazine! New Mexico seems to have brought out the cowboy in us.
What?! You think this is wrong?

Disclaimer: I was not harmed or tortured during the shooting of this photo. Humiliated a little maybe, but not harmed! It only took a couple of minutes and I was given a couple of sweet potato treats wrapped in duck to make up for any perceived humiliation or “torture”. Totally worth it! And I was given a couple more treats to say this!

And now - here's a look at some Taos dogs around town:

The Road Dogs

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Earthships Invade Taos!

We've been inspired by Melanie over at Going Green with Noah and all her efforts at "going green."  So, we wanted to make a contribution by posting our "green" finding in Taos. Now, you may think these are pictures we took on the Moon or somewhere in outer space, but these funky "houses" are really in Taos - at Earthship World Headquarters! No kidding! They are totally sustainable houses (we think this means you can eat the whole thing - like a gingerbread house). Check these out:

They are made from stuff like tires, aluminum cans and bottles.  Is that cool or what?  Oh, and the best part of all - you can rent them for vacation in Taos and ONE of them even allows pets!  The nice lady at Earthship explained that the reason they only rent that one has something to do with planters that are built into the house and close to the floor.  Apparently some of us dogs are irresistably attracted to them and like to dig and uh, do other stuff to them.  But, one of the houses is made differently and is safe for (and from) doggies. Yayyy!  Bet you never stayed anywhere this cool before!

Go here to read more about Earthships and how they're built: and

And check out this page for rental info:
Of course, you can BUY or BUILD one, too!  Check out all the info at

Hey, Melanie - if you're reading - did we do good?

BTW, does eating guacamole count as "going green?" 

The Road Dogs


Don't you think this is just too funny?

A Doxie -


At a hot dog stand!

Well, okay, it's New Mexico so it might be a taco stand - we're not sure. But it's funnier if you think it's a hot dog stand. Right? Oh, whatever. Guess you had to be there!

The Road Dogs

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PAWS UP! to Taos Tack and Pet Supply

While we were in New Mexico, Aspen decided to go grain free and insisted that she had to have CORE (by Wellness). You know women and their diets! Well, Taos isn't really that big and we didn't want to have to drive all the way to Sante Fe (which IS really big and has lots of traffic! and would severely cut into our play time.) We called a couple of stores that carried Wellness, but they didn't have grain-free CORE. Then, TAOS TACK and Pet Supply came to our rescue! They are on one of the main roads through Taos and super convenient AND they had CORE.

We went in and met Chick who was tending the counter that day. She was friendly and super helpful and we left with a big bag of CORE and a case of cans that should feed Aspen for the rest of our road trip!

Chick in Charge - isn't she adorable!

So, if you're in Taos and need to stock up, go see Chick at Taos Tack and Pet Supply, 710 Paseo del Peublo Sur, Taos, NM 87571 : 575-737-9798 :

They have a big shop with food, toys and LOTS more. Ask them if they have your favorite stuff!

Don't forget to tell 'em The Road Dogs sent you!

The Road Dogs (still in Taos)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's Do Lunch

We're all about food and we love to eat out with Mom & Dad and we're always sniffing out places that love dogs - or at least allow them! So, we were super happy when we found Caffe Renato's. Caffe Renato's serves Italian, yummmm, we loooove pasta! They have an outdoor dining patio and seemed happy to have us. They even brought us a bowl of water.

Renato's (we can call it Renato's 'cause we're regulars) is in downtown Taos and you can see lots of cool art from the patio and watch people and dogs go by. They even have an art gallery of their own right there if your humans want to shop while waiting for their food. Mom and Dad took turns going to look so somebody could stay with us. The food was yummy and the service was really nice. We didn't take the camera to Renato's so, bummer, we don't have any photos of us chowin' down there. Here's a pic from the internet - did you know you can get just about anything off the internet? Get more info about Renato's here:

Now, we know we told you that Taos was a dog-friendly place, and it is - however, there weren't a lot of places that we could eat with Mom & Dad, even if they had an outdoor eating area.  We're not sure why.  So, even though we weren't allowed to eat there, we're going to tell you about Orlando's.  They're about 2 miles above the Taos Plaza and they're sort of off to by themselves so they have a nice big parking lot and a couple of shade trees.  That means if it's cool enough outside, your humans could park you in the shade and be close enough to the car to check on you really easily, especially if they eat outside.  It's quiet and relaxing and your humans might bring you a snack!  We really wish they would allow dogs - it's such a cool place and Mom & Dad raved over the food!  Mom even said they made some of the best salsa she ever had. Here are a few pics of Orlando's -

Orlando's cool, but scary sign.  Well, some of us thought it was scary!

Orlando's colorful entry - that we couldn't go in

Orlando's outdoor eating area - that we couldn't go in.

If you visit Taos and find outdoor eating that allows dogs, we would love to hear about it!

The Road Dogs (waiting patiently outside)

Bent Street Shopping in Taos

We love to go shopping - especially when treats and attention for us are involved. So we strolled down to Bent Street and the John Dunn House Shops and did a little window shopping. There is a courtyard among the shops making it nice for a dog stroll and getting away from cars. Dad carried Taz in his backpack 'cause he's little and sometimes gets under feet. Cooper and Kayla were well-behaved on their leashes. Aspen and Gracie sat this one out back at the food hauler 'cause they were still tired from our hiking adventures yesterday.

Now, we didn't take any photos of our shopping outing 'cause Mom and Dad didn't want to break the camera while trying to keep all of us um, under control. But, we did find some pics on the internet so you can see what a neat place this is and we'll tell you about our favorite places to shop. You can click here to see some more pics and read more about this area of Taos. We bet you'll want to go, too!

Dad took Taz with him to G. Robinson Old Print and Maps. Dad likes old stuff! They were real dog friendly and let dogs come in the shop. (Of course, you need to be on your best behavior, but we know you are!)

Kayla and Cooper sat with Mom on benches around nice shade trees and listened to some really cool music by local musicians. Dad and Taz joined us for something cool to drink from Coffee Cats (yeah, we said "cats" - but we didn't see any).

Then, we were being so good that Mom and Dad took us to 3 Dog Art Taos and bought us some tasty (and healthy) treats. 3 Dog Art ( has lots of fun (and functional) dog stuff - treats, accessories, etc. and some cool dog art. If you go to Taos - stop in and say "hi" and tell 'em The Road Dogs sent ya.

Happy Shopping!
The Road Dogs

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Own Private Taos Paradise

We took a drive today above Taos and saw this -

And this -

We aren't used to seeing snow in May where we live! Heck, we're not used to seeing snow AT ALL where we live.

Then we found this -

Our own private dog paradise somewhere above Taos where we splashed explored and splashed in the water and climbed on rocks -

Hey, what's this?

Looks like someone forgot to brush their teeth!

Wow! I can see Colorado from up here!

Look - I'm flying!

Me too!

Hey! This is fun!

Man, are we pooped!

Me too!

Sleep tight!

The Road Dogs

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Road Dogs Band Seeks Guitar Player

Make way, Taos, The Road Dogs are in town!

We’ve mentioned how we love the arts, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to stop in Taos, even though our plan was to stay off the path-more-traveled. We’re so glad we did. Taos is a really dog-friendly town. We found the perfect campground close by – it’s called Sierra Village Lodge and RV Park. We chose a nice spot next to a rushing stream with trees around it. Plus, this particular spot had a little fence on two sides which helped Mom & Dad keep us, um, what’s the word? Controlled, yeah, that’s it. You can read a couple of reviews about the Park here
The host was super-nice and helpful and we ended up staying much longer than we had planned.

View from the back of our food hauler! Isn't that something?

The first order of business, after eating dinner, of course, is breaking out the guitar for some good old-fashioned campfire songs as we get comfy.

Hey. The backup singers are here and we're ready to rock! Where's the guitar player? Do you think Eddie would have kept the rest of Van Halen waiting around like this? We're just saying...

The next day, we were in the mood for a little local shopping at an outdoor market at the Rio Grande River Gorge on Hwy. 64 above Taos. Just look at that view!

Here we are casually strolling along . . .

Then, we met Baboo - a local vendor with a grudge against Chihuahuas and Corgis. So, we did our best Butch and Sundance routine, with a little Dirty Harry thrown in for good measure -

Do you feel lucky PUNK? Well - do ya?!

It doesn't look like Baboo was all that impressed with our tough-guy routine.

Ex-cuse us! Are we boring you?

The Road Dogs
Rockin' Out in Taos