Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Artin' Around

Bet you didn’t know that we are art lovers! We are. So we thought we would share another side of The Road Dogs with you – our cultured side – the one that doesn’t talk about sniffing and peeing and pooping all the time.

Dad sniffed out a real cowboy in Santa Rosa, NM, who also happens to be an amazingly creative artist. His name is Olen Taylor and he makes all kinds of cool stuff, including real horse saddles and other leather art – by hand! He and his Dad even made cowboy boots in the past and still have some really neat bootmaking equipment. Olen also draws and paints and is a true cowboy poet to boot as well as a musician. How’s that for creative?! Oh, yeah, he trains horses, too. He’s a busy guy! Did we mention that he’s legally blind? But that apparently doesn’t stop Olen Taylor. If you’re interested in checking out his work at Taylor Canyon Gallery, give him a call at 505-472-3706 in Santa Rosa. He’s got lots of interesting stories to tell you and cool art to show you!

Here are some photos of Olen and his studio and some of his art:

Olen's workshop and studio

Ghostriders painting

Handcrafted horse tack and paintings.

Aren't those handtooled corners on the frames really cool?

Waterfall painting. This was one of Mom's favorites, but she chose a painting of hot air balloons instead. She loves her balloons!

Olen with a work in progress.

Check our Photo Kibble page for more pics of Olen's work soon.

Celebrate creativity!

The Road Dogs


Mike and Michele said...

Following from TTA! Come return favor look forward to reading more of your blog!


Road Dog Tales said...

Thanks for following our adventures. We will hop on over now. BTW, our mom loves candles, too!