Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Earthships Invade Taos!

We've been inspired by Melanie over at Going Green with Noah and all her efforts at "going green."  So, we wanted to make a contribution by posting our "green" finding in Taos. Now, you may think these are pictures we took on the Moon or somewhere in outer space, but these funky "houses" are really in Taos - at Earthship World Headquarters! No kidding! They are totally sustainable houses (we think this means you can eat the whole thing - like a gingerbread house). Check these out:

They are made from stuff like tires, aluminum cans and bottles.  Is that cool or what?  Oh, and the best part of all - you can rent them for vacation in Taos and ONE of them even allows pets!  The nice lady at Earthship explained that the reason they only rent that one has something to do with planters that are built into the house and close to the floor.  Apparently some of us dogs are irresistably attracted to them and like to dig and uh, do other stuff to them.  But, one of the houses is made differently and is safe for (and from) doggies. Yayyy!  Bet you never stayed anywhere this cool before!

Go here to read more about Earthships and how they're built: and

And check out this page for rental info:
Of course, you can BUY or BUILD one, too!  Check out all the info at

Hey, Melanie - if you're reading - did we do good?

BTW, does eating guacamole count as "going green?" 

The Road Dogs


little princess Luna~ said...

omd--what cool yet weird looking homes--mum and i never knew these type of homes existed~! thanks so much for sharing puppers~!! :)
guacamole is greenish--so i say YES. :D


Two Pitties in the City said...

Those are pretty crazy. I wonder what they look like on the inside...

How Sam Sees It said...

Those houses are so beautiful - especially because of their uniqueness!


Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by our post. It seems you guys have a very interesting life on the road. Thanks for sharing the information of those cool houses to us. By the way, we're glad that you found us and we get to know about you all too.

Unknown said...

Hi, many thanks for dropping by. It seems you all have a very interesting life and you've been to so many interesting places. We're so glad that you found us so we can know about you too.

Road Dog Tales said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! We thought these houses were way cool, too. We give a PAWS UP! to Earthship for building 'em and for even letting doggies stay in one of the rentals. Now, that would be a great vacation!

The Road Dogs

Unknown said...

Oh that's fantastic!!