Monday, May 10, 2010

PAWS UP! to Byrds Adventure Center

Meet Skip. He’s pretty much in charge here at Byrd’s Adventure Center in the middle of the Ozarks (in case you didn’t know). Skip said we are welcome to stay here. It’s a really cool place and they love dogs!

Byrd’s had everything we needed – wide open spaces to run and play, a river to splash around in and lots of trees to pee on. They also had everything Mom and Dad needed – trailer hookups, electricity, water, showers and all that good stuff. They even have a brand new cabin that you can stay in if you don’t like ruffing it like we do.

Check out Byrd’s for yourself We bet you’ll give it a big PAWS UP!, too.

Stay tuned for more adventure pics from Byrds.

The Road Dogs


Unknown said...

Helloooo from the blog hop! FANTASTIC blog! Can't wait to see what you post next.

Road Dog Tales said...

Jes - Thanks for following our blog! We're a little behind, but trying to catch up. Being off the grid makes it hard to find internet connection. Plus, having no opposable thumbs makes for sloooow typing.