Monday, May 17, 2010

PAWS UP! to PetCot Beds

Another free PAWS UP! tip for our readers from The Road Dogs:

Have we mentioned how much we love our PetCot beds? We love them so much that we have four of them at home. We could only bring two on the road because of space restrictions in the food hauler - hey, we had to have room for all that food! This means we sort of take turns sharing them in the trailer, but mostly Gracie and Aspen get to sleep on them cause they're the oldest. PetCots are really comfy and we can use them inside and outside. We're so spoiled that we have the waterproof orthopedic mattresses and the fleece covers on all of ours. Everything is totally washable if we get it dirty or have accidents - shhh, don't tell anyone. Plus, they stack on top of each other to save space when we're not laying on them. We've tried lots and lots of different beds and they really are the best! And, no, PetCot didn't even bribe us with treats to say this! Of course, we are not opposed to being bribed, if anyone is listening . . .

Gracie and Kayla sharing a PetCot bed.

Gracie NOT sharing her PetCot bed. Kayla and Cooper patiently wait for their turn while sending telepathic messages for her to get up so they can take over the PetCot bed.

If you are in the mood for a new bed, check out PetCot at They are sure to have the perfect bed for you. Tell 'em you heard about PetCot from The Road Dogs.


The Road Dogs


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Hey, thanks for the follow. Following you back! : )

jo oliver said...

Hi, following you from Twee Poppets blog hop! Love the post. I have never met a dog that I didn't adore. These pet cots look rather cozy:)

Road Dog Tales said...

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Jess - we will hop on over to your dog blog, too!