Monday, May 10, 2010

PAWS UP! to our logo designer

We've had lots of comments on our cool logo and we love it? So, we want to give a big PAWS UP! to artist extraordinaire, Michelle Littler - Toad in Charge over at Little Toad

Mom saw her work on Etsy and asked her if she would design something cool for our food hauler and our website. We think she captured our personalities perfectly! And all she had were some photos Mom sent her! How cool is that? Plus, she's super nice. We liked the logo so much that we had Kinko's make us some stickers and Mom even ironed it on some t-shirts for her and Dad. They kind of look like goobers when they wear them at the same time, but you gotta love them anyway.

So, visit Michelle's shop and ask her to create something cool for you!

1 comment:

littletoad said...

Thanks so much for your kind words I'm so happy I could capture your personalties.
Michelle-aka littletoad