Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tim's Ford State Park Stop and Play

Today was an excellent play day, which isn't always easy when you're a pack of five dogs on the road with a couple of humans. [Not exactly sure if it's us or Mom and Dad that are the issue, but we can't imagine that it's us. But don't tell Mom and Dad.] In addition to the Rock/Creek stop and play, we got to stop and play at Tims Ford State Park in Winchester, TN. It was a really nice, quiet place way off the beaten path. They have really strict rules that we have to stay on leashes, so we just walked around and sniffed and peed - and stayed on our leashes - cause we always obey the rules - and Dad didn't once throw the ball for us to fetch - cause we always obey the rules.

See that tree? No, not that skinny one - the big one over there. I peed on that tree! ~Taz

Stay tuned for more adventures from the road . . .

The Road Dogs

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