Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview with a Chiwienie

Remember our shopping adventures on Bent Street? Well, while we were hanging out in the courtyard under the shade trees listening to the local music, we met a super nice couple there.  They were curious about Kayla because, well, because she is rather "long" for her legs, but totally adorable! They told us they were adopting a "Chiwienie" and wondered if Kayla was part "wienie." (We're not at all sure, but we're guessing Kayla has some basset or doxie in there somewhere, but her ears are all Corgi!) Anyway, they said their new pup would be coming to live with them when they returned to Wisconsin and promised to have her email us. Her name is Lucy and she has graciously sent  us some photos of her cute self to share with you and we even snagged this exclusive interview with her.
We're gonna let Lucy tell you her story in her own words.  Then, we'll follow up with some questions that we know are furmost on the minds of our readers. 

Heeeeere's Lucy:


My name is Lucy and I’m a one year old “Chiwienie." The dog police caught me when I was looking for my parents who were lost in Milwaukee. I should have kept a closer eye on them. After I was in doggie prison for a week, a nice lady named Tracie took me into her home so she could find a nice new dad and mom for me. I’m now living in a little log cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. Because it gets very cold up here in the winter, my “forever” parents told me that we would go to live in southern Arizona for the winter. They said it will be warmer for me, but I’ll wait to see for myself.

My life is pretty good up here with my “forever” dad and mom. A new thing for me is a trip to the dump. The “dump man” is really a nice guy and always has a cookie for me. My dad throws really good stuff away that I’d like to play with. I just don’t understand him. I also found another really nice place called a bank. My Dad doesn’t seem to do anything when we go there except put me up on the counter where nice ladies pet me and give me more cookies. This could be a pretty good life.

I get lots of walks and that is really something new. There are smells of other dogs all along the road. My dad and mom call these dogs, deer, bear, raccoon, skunk and foxes. They must be a new breed because I never met them in Milwaukee.


Road Dogs:  What are you favorite treats?
Lucy:  I’ve tried Charley Bears but I think they taste like recycled wood pulp so I’m not crazy about them. The bank ladies have me “hooked” on Cesar “Softies” with the Filet Mignon Flavor. Dad thinks I’m addicted. I don’t know what it means but it must be good.

Road Dogs:  What is your favorite place to sleep?

Lucy:  Well, that depends on the time of day. My night time place is in a nice bed under my Dad’s computer desk. I’m really close to my parents bed so I can stay awake until they go to sleep. That way I know that they’re safe and not going to leave me. My daytime “nap place” was made for me by my mom. She put a big fat pillow behind her favorite chair and against the window. I can lay right against the window and watch the lake 30’ away. I can also make sure that none of the chip monks or humming birds get too close to the window. Sometimes a “deer” dog comes down to the lake to drink. He’s too big for me to scare away so I just watch.

Road Dogs: What is your favorite activity?

Lucy:  Other than getting cookies from the dump man or the bank ladies, it’s walking with my family or running like crazy around the house bouncing off the beds and furniture. I sure enjoy it but my dad and mom laugh until they can’t stand up.

Road Dogs:  What is your favorite toy?

Lucy:  Well, I have lots of toys but my favorite one is whichever my dad or mom have in their hand and is ready to throw it for me. I like the “squeaky” toys very much but as you can see, it seems that I have a mean streak and have to rip some of them to shreds. The attached picture shows how I gutted poor BoBo. You can see the innocent look on my face. When my dad asked me who did that terrible thing to BoBo, I told him that it was President Bush’s fault. I’ve heard it before on TV so I thought it would work. It didn’t !!! I have an assortment of toys and two of the new ones I found are called slippers and socks.

Road Dogs:  Lucy, we are so happy that you found your forever home!  It sounds fabulous and we are glad we got to meet your Mom and Dad.  We could tell that they would be wonderfurl parents!
Lucy:  I love my new home and my new “forever” parents. They are very very smart people because it only took me three or four days to train them.

Road Dogs:  Well, Lucy, that about wraps it up for now, but we would love to keep in touch with you and let our readers know what you're up to!

Lucy:  I’d like to write to you every once in a while to tell you about my new adventures, especially my winter in the Sonora Desert. I think I like Deserts but my mom says the ones I like have two “S’s” in the word. What the heck, if it tastes good I don’t care how it’s spelled.

Kisses from northern Wisconsin. Lucy

Road Dogs:  We would love that!  And we totally agree with you about the Deserts (and Desserts)!

Don't you just love a happy tale?

The Road Dogs


How Sam Sees It said...

We love happy tales! Thank you for sharing with us! You are quite the cutie!


little princess Luna~ said...

OMD--what a most pawsome interview~!! i love it puppers~! :D
lucy is most def a cutie patootie~!
thanks for sharing. :)


Lola and also Franklin, too said...

You are a very talented interviewer and Lucy is a very cute Chiweenie. I think she needs a blog of her own, don't you?

wags, Lola

Two Pitties in the City said...

What an adorable dog. I'm glad she has her own home now.