Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's Do Lunch

We're all about food and we love to eat out with Mom & Dad and we're always sniffing out places that love dogs - or at least allow them! So, we were super happy when we found Caffe Renato's. Caffe Renato's serves Italian, yummmm, we loooove pasta! They have an outdoor dining patio and seemed happy to have us. They even brought us a bowl of water.

Renato's (we can call it Renato's 'cause we're regulars) is in downtown Taos and you can see lots of cool art from the patio and watch people and dogs go by. They even have an art gallery of their own right there if your humans want to shop while waiting for their food. Mom and Dad took turns going to look so somebody could stay with us. The food was yummy and the service was really nice. We didn't take the camera to Renato's so, bummer, we don't have any photos of us chowin' down there. Here's a pic from the internet - did you know you can get just about anything off the internet? Get more info about Renato's here:

Now, we know we told you that Taos was a dog-friendly place, and it is - however, there weren't a lot of places that we could eat with Mom & Dad, even if they had an outdoor eating area.  We're not sure why.  So, even though we weren't allowed to eat there, we're going to tell you about Orlando's.  They're about 2 miles above the Taos Plaza and they're sort of off to by themselves so they have a nice big parking lot and a couple of shade trees.  That means if it's cool enough outside, your humans could park you in the shade and be close enough to the car to check on you really easily, especially if they eat outside.  It's quiet and relaxing and your humans might bring you a snack!  We really wish they would allow dogs - it's such a cool place and Mom & Dad raved over the food!  Mom even said they made some of the best salsa she ever had. Here are a few pics of Orlando's -

Orlando's cool, but scary sign.  Well, some of us thought it was scary!

Orlando's colorful entry - that we couldn't go in

Orlando's outdoor eating area - that we couldn't go in.

If you visit Taos and find outdoor eating that allows dogs, we would love to hear about it!

The Road Dogs (waiting patiently outside)

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How Sam Sees It said...

Sounds yummy! It's hard to find pet friendly restaurants, but it sounds like Taos might be a destination of choice!