Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alpine Alley Gets Rave Reviews

Mountainair, NM is a friendly town with lots of talented, creative people who love dogs.

If you're visiting for a day or a week, you must tell your Mom & Dad to stop in at a cafĂ© called Alpine Alley. Mom & Dad said they had never had such yummy pancakes, EVER! Mom even said they were better than hers, so that must be really good ‘cause hers are quite tasty! They raved about the coffee and blueberry scones, too. YUMMM! Now, dogs can't go inside 'cause, well you know, we're not allowed in where they make human food. BUT, it's still worth going 'cause your Mom & Dad will definitely bring you a tasty treat from Mary's magic kitchen.

Mile high pancakes lighter than air! We swear!

Alpine Alley is unique from the inside out!

How cozy is this?

Maybe, it’s the mountain air (get it, Mountainair, ha) or maybe it’s the talents of owners Mary & Scott. Wherever the mojo comes from, you really must try it! Read more about Alpine Alley here

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Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Oooh, looks good. I like when my humans go out to breakfast, especially to places that give good portions. I get some good stuff that way.

wags, Lola

Road Dog Tales said...

Lola - Definitely! Mom & Dad don't eat meat, but it's been great on this trip 'cause they eat breakfast out a lot and bacon comes with EVERYTHING out here in the West, so they bring it to us! Yayyy!