Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Look at Mountainair

A couple of fun pics before we leave Mountainair.

Somebody please let those horses out of there!

Hey Cowboy! Need a ladder?
We had fun in Mountainair and met some really nice people. We didn't get his picture, but we want to send a SHOUT OUT! to Banjo and his Dad, Ray, who work as camp hosts at Manzano Mountains State Park. Banjo got lucky the day Ray found him walking on I-40 in New Mexico and they've been traveling together ever since. Happy trails Ray and Banjo!
If you have a minute, try to vote for the Town of Mountainair Animal Shelter on The Animal Rescue Site at
It's *FREE* to vote! And they would really appreciate your help! Stay tuned for more fundraising opportunities to help Mountainair animals build a new shelter.

Now - time to 'git along' as they say out West and see what else New Mexico has to show us.
Stay tuned!
The Road Dogs

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The Oceanside Animals said...

Wow, cowboys really CAN sleep anywhere!