Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We finally got to some wide open spaces in New Mexico where we were all alone. Dad had found some land for sale that he wanted to look at and the nice real estate agent took us way out here where there were no people, no cows, no antelope - no leashes! Yayyy! BUT - there were more STICKERS! Yikes! Mom & Dad decided this probably wasn't the property for us if we were going to get owwies every time we went for a walk. Why didn't someone remember to bring our booties???

This is pretty, but we would prefer some water to splash around in!

Wow! These are some BIG antlers!

We're off to pull stickers out of our paws. Ouch!

The Road Dogs


Michelle said...

Wow! Those are some big antlers!! Yay for blog hop. :)

Road Dog Tales said...

Thanks for visiting and following. We followed you back. You are quite a handsome greyhound family, if we might say so.