Thursday, October 28, 2010

Josie Posie Doppelganger in SC

Josie Posie - we thought you were one of the ELGIN Pugs, from Illinois.  What are you doing in South Carolina???   And where's Anakin and Izzy and your new sis-, uh, "foster" sister, Trixie?

Anna WHO?  Is he WHAT?  And I don't have a sister.  I am an ONLY Princess.  And my name is Eunice!

Well, color us CONFUSED!  We were sure this was Josie Posie we were seeing walking down the street but apparently Miss Josie has a doppelganger here in SC! 

The REAL Josie

Oh, no!  We're wearing the SAME dress!  Daddy, take me home RIGHT NOW so I can change my dress! And make them stop calling me JOSIE!

After we got a closer look, we could see the obvious differences here, but when we first saw a PUGGIE in a red dress - well, you can understand our confusion, right?!  Sorry for the mix-up Josie.  We KNOW you would never go off on vacation without your brother and sisters!  RIGHT?

The Road Dogs (in a state of confusion)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pawsome Pressies from PIP

Wow, we just realized we haven't posted in OVER a WEEK!  But, when you see the cool pressies we got from Pip, you'll understand why we've been too busy to post anything.  This was the very FIRST mail we have ever received and we weren't quite sure what to make of it.  We won Pip's Halloween Costume Contest and he sent us cool pressies!  We're definitely gonna have to enter more contests!  We voted for Pip as a Pirate Pooch and were outnumbered 'cause more people voted for Pip as The Lion Pip.  The fact is, we were on the fence between the Pip the Pirate and Pip the Lion, but this was a contest of chance, not majority - so LADY LUCK was with us!

A BOX!  For US???

Let me handle this, Gracie, I'm a TRAINED Treat-Sniffing Dog.

Oh, yeah, there are ABSOLUTELY treats in here.


You guys can have the toys, we'll take care of the TREATS!

TRAINED Treat-Sniffing dogs are NOT afraid to put their faces ALL the way in the box.

Okay, I checked it out - that's everything.

Our Treasure Chest of Pressies from Pip!

Awright!  New tennis balls!

Oh, he's such a show off!

HEY! Look at ME!  Look at ME!  I totally NAILED that one!

Hmmm, it LOOKS like an orange, but tastes like a tennis ball and hey, it SQUEAKS!

Um, Gracie, we don't think that's a BOW.

Are you SURE you got EVERYTHING?  I can still smell TREATS!

BACK OFF!  You had your turn!

Our  FAVORITE part of the pressies - our VERY OWN pic of Pip as a PIRATE!

THANKS Pip!  We love our TREASURE! 

The Road Dogs

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog the Change

Thanks to Be The Change For Animals for again hosting this Blog the Change Blog Hop! 

We posted in July about a tiny shelter in New Mexico that is in desperate need of help to get their new shelter building up.  This is especially important to them with the winter months and cold weather and snow approaching.  Here is a link to that previous post.  Blankets and bedding are always needed, too.  If you can do anything to help Mountainair Animal Shelter, we know they would be forever grateful. 
Since that July post, we have come across a number of things that can be done to help shelters without requiring a monetary donation.  Many of you probably already know about these, but for newer bloggers that might not know, we thought we would post a few of these ideas -


We just read an idea earlier this week over at This One Wild Life by Kim Clune, who is also one of the founders of Be The Change For Animals.  We loved it so much that we wanted to repeat it here.  We thought it was an excellent idea for bloggers who love creative writing.  Here's what Kim said -

"Have you noticed how pet descriptions often read the same across various rescue sites? Let’s change that! I spent an hour with four rescue dogs last week, took notes on why each of these beautiful beings is unique, and donated the descriptions (and photos) to my local organization. You can too! "

She goes on to give excellent ideas for writing irresistable descriptions that give potential adopters more than just age, rank and serial number.  Go here to read Kim's post.  Your words could Be The Change for a dog or cat looking for their furever home.



A couple of our favorite Click-to-Donate sites are Free Kibble and  The Animal Rescue Site.  By simply clicking on a button, you can donate food to shelters in need.  How easy is that?  The Animal Rescue Site in connection with PetFinders is sponsoring another Shelter Challenge which also allows viewers to vote for their favorite shelter to win up to $10,000!  If you don't have a favorite shelter, we would love it if you would vote for the TOWN OF MOUNTAINAIR SHELTER in MOUNTAINAIR, NM!


Our last Be The Change idea is a local one here in South Carolina, but we thinks it deserves a mention. 

From Charleston Animal Society's website:

"Owners of bully breed dogs in the Charleston area are invited to take advantage of a new program offering $20 spay/neuter surgeries for Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and bully breed mixes. Humane Net and the ASPCA, in conjunction with the Charleston Animal Society and Pet Helpers, are offering specially priced spay/neuter surgeries for these particularly at-risk canines.This limited-time offer allows bully breed owners to have their pets spayed or neutered for just $20 in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted puppies that end up at shelters or in the hands of dog fighters. Humane Net is a coalition of local animal welfare agencies that promotes spay and neuter to the community as a means of controlling pet overpopulation. For more information, please Make your appointment today - call our high quality low cost clinic at 556-SPAY (7729) Spay/Neuter Special $20 surgeries available for the first 100 dogs. Cost includes necessary vaccines."

This offer started in July, but we have confirmed that they still have vouchers available.  This is an amazing deal!  We're extra pleased to see that the Lowcountry is doing something supportive of bully breeds!

Now we're off to join the Hop!

The Road Dogs

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just Trying to Read Here

Hmmm, wonder how one becomes a fire dog?

This print is really small!

Wonder where those reading glasses went to?

Hey! Could you help me find those reading glasses?

Um, starting to get aggravated a little here.

Hmmm, think, think, think - did I leave 'em on the nightstand when I was reading Slut Puppies War & Peace last night?

Who's this Cesar guy and what does he know about Fun?

Ah, you found them! Thanks Mom!

Very funny . . .

Um, a little HELP here. Do I have to keep reminding everybody that I don't have opposable thumbs?


I've lost interest in this now.

Taz (of The Road Dogs)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Meet George on a Scottish Highlands Adventure

We were thrilled that Bertie accepted us into her Rockin' Scottish Highlands Field Trip!  We met lots of new dogs and even though the much ballyhooed tacos were in short supply, we finally got to meet George (the Lad) in the fur!  Now, we're not one to name names, unless we feel it's absolutely necessary, but suffice it to say that somebutty around here intimated in a comment on our blog that we weren't really meeting George in the fur.  We believe they were implying this field trip and the meeting of George was based on fantasy, illusion and conjecture.  Well, Puddles, oops, we have PROOF that we really met George in the fur. Feast your eyes on this -

So, what do you have to say about that?!  And before anyone asserts that we Photoshopped this picture, well, the joke's on you 'cause we don't even HAVE photoshop.  So there!

We're jetlagged from our long plane ride home - from our SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS Adventure - so we're gonna go take a nap . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Road Dogs

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cooper Wants a Car

Most of us have always been happy to be chauffered around by Mom & Dad.  But, since Cooper came to live with us, he's been whining about wanting a car of his own.  We think it began when he started seeing all these Coopers and Mini Coopers around here.  He just got it in his head that if there was a car with his name on it, then he should have one.  He said something about "destiny."  Anyway, he and Dad went looking at cars the other day, but when he finally got his paws on a Cooper, he decided that they just weren't cool enough for him - what happened to "destiny?"  He also claims they don't have enough "leg" room. Whatever.

How can I squeeze all these muscles in that tiny car, I ask you?

Anyway, he decided that, being a muscular guy, he wanted a "muscle machine" - that's what he called it.  We thought he was talking about Dad's workout bench with the weights and um, dust, hehe.  But, he was talking about a cool car.  And then, he spied it  -

Cooper's Dream Car

Dad says he thinks this has a little too much under the hood for Cooper, but Cooper is pretty adamant that he can handle it.  We'll just have to see if he can wear Dad down.

Please, Dad, can I, huh, pul-eeze?

The Road Dogs

Friday, October 8, 2010

Scotland Bound Hounds

It's no secret that we love road trips.  So, when we saw that George had registered for Bouncing Bertie's Scottish Highlands Adventure, well, our hearts started racing and our tails started thumping and we took a vote and decided to go for it!  We just couldn't resist the allure of those Highland mountains.  We've never traveled outside the States and we figured this was our big opportunity!  Plus, we would love to meet George in the fur.  So, herewith is our official application to join Bouncing Bertie's Scottish Adventure to study rocks!  We're all for expanding our minds . . .

First of all, since this is a geology expedition, here are some examples to show our resume does include some rocky experiences:

Rockin' it in Santa Rosa, Nm

Hikin' the rocks above Taos, NM

Climbing boulders above Taos, NM

Panning for gold in Taos, NM

Um, you might not want us to drive the bus ;)

Did we mention that we dug up these gen-u-wine garnets in Montana?

We can totally handle the weather

And some of us have the clothing for it

Others of us wear our weatherproofing all the time ;)

We have much more, but we've just realized that it's already Friday evening across the Pond so we need to get our application in NOW!  Oh, yeah, did we mention that our Dad is half Scottish? That's gotta count for something.  So, whatta ya say, Bertie?  Can we go on your Scottish Adventure???

The Road Dogs (getting our kilts on)