About Us

We are a family of dogs traveling the country for a bit. Here's a little about us.

I'm a German Shepherd girl who has beautiful sable coloring. A lady never tells her age, but I'm not as young as I'd like to be. These days, I'm happiest laying in the shade under our van or our food hauler. I love to travel and have been across the country lots of times in cars and planes. When I was a pup, I even trained for a while as a Search & Rescue dog with my brother, Jake. I got to fly on planes where the people sit. I got lots of attention! We discovered that we (and by "we", I mean Jake) didn't really have the temperament for Search & Rescue, but it was fun to train!

I'm also a girl shepherd, but my coloring is the more traditional black and tan. I'm not telling my age either, but I will say that I'm younger than Gracie. Ha! I'm happiest running around and swimming. I love to play with Cooper, even though he can be a pest, as most younger brothers can be.  My family found me walking along a highway in Virginia where they lived. I was really hungry and skinny so I'm glad they picked me up.  But, I did play a little hard to get at first, but they brought out the food and that was that!

I'm a sassy Corgi mix and have lovely brown and black mixed fur. I have beautiful Corgi ears and big expressive brown eyes. I'm pretty much in charge of the food and am happiest when dinner is about to be served. Of course, I will take a treat any time of the day! I was found behind a dumpster when I was three months old by a vet tech who worked with my Mom. Mom already had two dogs and said she couldn't handle any more, but I batted my beautiful eyes at her and tugged on the hem of her skirt and by the time she got home that day, she had named me Kayla! A few weeks later, she took me home!

I am a chihuahua-terrier mix and I have the softest tan fur with blonde highlights. I'm kind of spoiled and I've got my Mom trained to let me do pretty much anything I want.  It was love at first sight with me and Mom. She likes to say I'm a rescue, but the truth is that it was my biological mom who was the rescue. The people who adopted her didn't know she was going to have puppies! So the rescue group helped her find good homes for her babies. I'm the smallest of the family, but I'm in charge of everything! Oh, yeah, I don't like to be cold! I'm quite the clotheshorse and have several coats and sweaters to keep me warm. If a sweater is not around, I love blankets, too! 

I'm a mix of who knows what - maybe some Australian Shepherd and some Boxer. I'm a muscular guy who loves to run and swim and just be doing something all the time. I'm the youngster of the group and nobody else can keep up with me! But I love to snooze and snuggle, too.  Mom found me and my brother in the parking lot of the grocery store just wandering around being friendly.  The people at the store didn't seem to like that and wanted us to leave. It probably didn't help that we had mange! But Mom took us to get all fixed up and she found another home for my brother. I kind of miss him, but I have a big family now and get to run and play and swim. Oh, yeah, and take road trips!