Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cowboys & Indians

If you are thinking about visiting Taos, you might want to check out the June 2010 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine. They have a whole article on cool things to do in Taos. That first page with the Rio Grande Gorge - that's where we went shopping and ran into that outlaw Baboo, as you might recall. (BTW, we're just joshing about Baboo - he was totally cool).   And yep, pardner, you heard us right - we're from South Carolina and we bought a Cowboys & Indians magazine! New Mexico seems to have brought out the cowboy in us.
What?! You think this is wrong?

Disclaimer: I was not harmed or tortured during the shooting of this photo. Humiliated a little maybe, but not harmed! It only took a couple of minutes and I was given a couple of sweet potato treats wrapped in duck to make up for any perceived humiliation or “torture”. Totally worth it! And I was given a couple more treats to say this!

And now - here's a look at some Taos dogs around town:

The Road Dogs


Bijou said...

Gosh, there are lots of nice looking doggies living in Taos. My mom has always wanted to visit New Mexico. You look real cute in your bandana and boots!


little princess Luna~ said...

bol--those boots and hanky are so YOU--love 'em~! and the treats dont sound too bad either. ;)
what a variety of pups~!! did any say "hello"??


The Daily Pip said...

Love the boots! You look like a REAL cowboy!

Your pal, Pip

Two Pitties in the City said...

It looks like you're fitting in quite well with the other dogs.

The Oceanside Animals said...


Road Dog Tales said...

Thanks for visiting everyone! Mr. Pip - Cooper borrowed those boots from Dad! Little Princess Luna - yes, a couple did say "hello". The fluffy white dog was staying at our campground. We were so smitten with her cuteness, that we have totally forgotten her name (sorry cute white dog). And the black furry dog is Taylor, who is another vendor at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Thanks for asking!
The Road Dogs