Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Road Trip!

Is there anything better than a road trip? All the new sights to see, the new smells to sniff, the new trees to pee. Nope, nothing better in the world, unless . . .

it's a road trip with a big box of food and beds following you every mile of the way! They call it a "toy hauler" but we have something a little different in mind.

We're traveling across the country with our mom and dad (cause they have to do the driving!) and the rest of our dog family. We'll be taking pics and videos of cool stuff we see and do. I hope we can figure out how to work the *!#? camcorder without opposable thumbs! Stay tuned!


ok said...

Let us know where in PA you will be and when, it would be so cool to meet up and do a cross blog get together!

Road Dog Tales said...

Tiffany - That sounds like fun! We're not sure exactly where our travels will take us, but if we get to PA, we will definitely let you know. Thanks so much!