Saturday, May 22, 2010

Road Dogs Band Seeks Guitar Player

Make way, Taos, The Road Dogs are in town!

We’ve mentioned how we love the arts, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to stop in Taos, even though our plan was to stay off the path-more-traveled. We’re so glad we did. Taos is a really dog-friendly town. We found the perfect campground close by – it’s called Sierra Village Lodge and RV Park. We chose a nice spot next to a rushing stream with trees around it. Plus, this particular spot had a little fence on two sides which helped Mom & Dad keep us, um, what’s the word? Controlled, yeah, that’s it. You can read a couple of reviews about the Park here
The host was super-nice and helpful and we ended up staying much longer than we had planned.

View from the back of our food hauler! Isn't that something?

The first order of business, after eating dinner, of course, is breaking out the guitar for some good old-fashioned campfire songs as we get comfy.

Hey. The backup singers are here and we're ready to rock! Where's the guitar player? Do you think Eddie would have kept the rest of Van Halen waiting around like this? We're just saying...

The next day, we were in the mood for a little local shopping at an outdoor market at the Rio Grande River Gorge on Hwy. 64 above Taos. Just look at that view!

Here we are casually strolling along . . .

Then, we met Baboo - a local vendor with a grudge against Chihuahuas and Corgis. So, we did our best Butch and Sundance routine, with a little Dirty Harry thrown in for good measure -

Do you feel lucky PUNK? Well - do ya?!

It doesn't look like Baboo was all that impressed with our tough-guy routine.

Ex-cuse us! Are we boring you?

The Road Dogs
Rockin' Out in Taos


Lola and also Franklin, too said...

That is a fantastic bit of landscape you had for a backyard in your campsite. Vendors should really be friendly to all potential customers. Basic stuff but that dog didn't seem to get the memo.

wags, Lola

Unknown said...

That place looks gorgeous, look at that stream! I'd love to stay there with my dog!

The Daily Pip said...

I love campfire songs - even though I have never been camping!

Your pal, Pip

How Sam Sees It said...

What a great place to camp. Aaron and I are going to have to remember it the next time we take a road trip!


Road Dog Tales said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Yes, be sure to put NM, especially Taos, on your "must visit" list. And, if you go, don't forget to send us some photos!

The Road Dogs