Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Stop in Dubois, WY

We made a quick stop in a really cute town this morning.  Well, the stop was really for Mom and Dad to get coffee!  But, it was a cool town with some cool people and seemed to be really dog friendly.  We saw a fetching little Chinese Crested who was totally Pretty in Pink - pink outfit from nose to tail riding in a pink chariot (aka dog stroller).  We didn't get a picture of her because she ducked into a shop with her Mom and Dad and didn't come out while we were staking out the joint from the car.  But Pink Chick, if you read this - email us.

Here's the coffee shop where the owner had lots of pictures of her pup, so she obviously loves dogs and makes an excellent cuppa joe. Yay!

Here's the main street through Dubois.  Mom and Dad also met Julie, the owner of Two Ocean Books a couple doors from the coffee shop (See those cowboy cutouts? That's the bookstore.)

So, they went in and picked up this handy dandy guide for us.  It will definitely be useful where we're headed. 

Julie is super nice and loves dogs! There is a photo of her dog, Forrest, at the register. Sadly, Forrest is no longer here in person, but he lives on in fond memories of everyone who met him.  Julie rescued him from a shelter and he got to spend his days at the bookstore with her - meeting and greeting, loving and being loved, and befriending everyone who visited.  Julie's a big supporter of rescues and shelters.  You should definitely visit her if you're anywhere near Dubois.

And, now, here's some big news if you're visiting the area in August - well, it might be big news for your humans - we've been told dogs aren't really allowed at the event, because there will be livestock and such all over the place.  On August 20, the Bacon Brothers, mmmmm bacon, what? huh? oh yeah, the Bacon Brothers (you know, Kevin - the actor, and his bro Michael) are performing at a benefit concert for the Chance Phelps Foundation.  You may have seen the movie about Chance on HBO, Taking Chance, starring Kevin. We saw it - very sad, but very good.  Anyway, there's this big event in Dubois at the City Park, 'cause that's Chance's hometown, on August 20 that sounds like tons of fun while benefiting a good cause.  Just so you know, dogs on leashes are usually allowed in the park - just not for this event. We've also been told there is a place in town that boards dogs.  We know that's not thrilling for all of us dogs, but it means your folks could take you with them if they wanted to go and the "boarding" would only be for a few hours.  And, there are several hotels in town that DO allow pets.  Check 'em out here Hotels / Motels.

And we have to mention one other person here - Ian Tyson who is a legendary country and folk singer.  The co-inkydink here is that, you may remember, when we were in Santa Rosa, NM, we met the cowboy artist, Olen Taylor, and he knows Ian Tyson personally and gave my Dad a couple of Ian's CDs. Then, we get to Dubois and see that Ian is performing at this concert. Funny, huh?  Guess it's like they say - it's a small world, after all.  (Bet you will have that song in your head for the rest of the day! :) Proceeds of Ian's concert will go to Needs of Dubios

Whew, that's a long post for a place we hardly spent any time! 

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

What a cooool town. Love the Pooping thingy.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


Thanks fur sharing this khool stop!

The Bakhon Bros are from Pawsylvania way way bakhk!


little princess Luna~ said...

hi puppers--what most funny book~! i wonder why you need to know who's pooping here and who's pooping there--maybe you're going camping?? :)
neat little town~!!