Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Montana Madness

Okay, we know it's been hot enough to fry your paws pretty much everywhere. So, we're gonna share some more of our adventures Out West to cool you down. After we had seen (and smelled) all that Yellowstone had to offer, we hitched up the food hauler and headed North into Montana. It was raining and we hadn't put all that many miles between us and the buffalo when we came to a little town called Ennis. We decided it looked friendly enough (no packs of wild dogs that we could see), so we stopped for a bite of lunch and a look see. The people were super friendly and told us about a campground a few miles away in Virginia City, which is a famous ghost town.  Dad had wanted to see some ghost towns, so we decided to stay a bit and check out the local smells. *

The next morning, Dad opened the door to let us out for a potty break. Then he said to Mom - "Don't look out the windows!"** OMD - what was out there?!  Not more buffalo, we hope!  Nope - here's what greeted us -


Oooooweeeeee! We love the snow!

Cooper goes nuts over anything!

Gracie's seen LOTS of snow - she lived in Park City for awhile!  She loves it, too.  She just doesn't act like a goober, like Cooper does!

Aspen's seen her share of snow, too, and digs it!

Kayla just wants to eat everything!

Mmmmmm, snow!

Are you cold and snuggling under a blankie now?

The Road Dogs (chillin' out in Montana)

*Pawnote 1 - The events pictured here occurred at the end of May. We are waaaaay behind in sharing our road trip adventures. 

**Pawnote 2 - Mom doesn't like snow!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh cool coooooool SNOW!!!

the magic sleigh said...

Wooos! Weeeee Snow! Someday I am going to see that fur real, so I can know what it really means to be a snow dog!

~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Unknown said...

That actually cooled me off for a few mins to see those pics!!! :) Its pretty hot down here in Texas!

Fred and Haylie

3 doxies said...

Hey did you dad happens to see any ghosts up theres? Ooooh dat would haves been super duper cool if he did...hehehe!
Okays, now how funny would it haves been if you saw a pack of........dachshunds...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh dat was me trying to be funny...hehehe!
Since we don't get much snow heres we loooooves it and plus I look so dang hot in a sweater so I don't mind it.
Thems are some fab fotoes!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pup Fan said...

Loooks so fun! It's been so hot lately that the snow must feel great. :)

Backcountry Brodie said...

I do be lubbin how Cooper woz acting like a goober in the snows. I used to do that when I woz a yungun. OK, I fess up, sometimes I still do.

Tracey said...

I adore snow!!!! so not fair! xxx

Sharon said...

Did you happen to go through Livingston, Montana? Our Mom lived there for her 14th year. They had snow the first of September!

You guys look like you are having fun in the snow. Votes for snow:
Jill 1
Jack 0
Mom 0
Dad didn't vote

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What fun pictures!!! It's hard to believe that we had all that show this year, and it's even more hard to believe that it'll be back before we know it!

George The Lad said...

That snow sure has cooled me down, hope we get some this year.
See Yea George xxx

little princess Luna~ said...

we are definitely cold under blankies right now~!! mum used to live in kansas and it snows over there. she most definitely does not miss that. she hates being cold. i have never seen snow--except for the fake fluffy stuff when you get your picture taken with that big santa man. we love how gracie looks like a wolf in that picture--cool~!! :)


Sami Boy said...

No way!!! Snow??? that sounds like so much fun!
Sami Boy

the teacher's pets said...

After walking dog during a high humidity day, your cold pictures were refreshing! How great that you and your dogs could enjoy a surprise snow in May! Lucky you to be on the road exploring what the U.S. has to offer!

Thor and Jack said...

That is a blast in the snow!

The Daily Pip said...

Snow, sweet snow ...

Your pal, Pip

houndstooth said...

You all look like you just won the lottery! I prefer not to think about snow at all, but I'm sure Morgan will love it! She says Gracie and Aspen look so majestic out there in the fluffy stuff!


Sapphire said...

i'm still trying to recognize u guys. sapphire would go bonkers if she sees snow (which will never happen in our country).

Amy said...

DARN!! I got all excited because I thought we were going to get to meet you dogs in person! We're almost to Yellowstone now, and we'll be heading north through Montana after we're done visiting the parks. Then you mentioned the pics were from May. Bummer! Do you dogs have any tips for Ty and Buster since you visited here recently?

How Sam Sees It said...

Could you send some our way?