Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday and Ski Wear

Okay - we know we need to stop with the window shopping, but   Mom's been wanting some fingerless gloves. (Yeah, we know, what's the point, right? Hmm, maybe she's doing a remake of Oliver Twist?! Whatever.)  Anyway, she thinks they're cool.  She found a shop that makes things for humans AND dogs and fell in love with these -

Fingerless Santa Gloves by A and B Originals

Matching Santa Sweater by A and B Originals for Dogs

Well, then she was on a roll and it just went downhill from there.

Apres Ski Outfit by Hatz 4 Brats - that means after skiing which means sitting around a warm fireplace sipping something hot.  Think we'll skip the ski and go straight to the apres.

Elf Hat by Hatz 4 Brats
Okay, now we think maybe this is just wrong, but it cracked Mom up.  She was tempted to have a contest to see who would put this on and send a pic, but we talked her out of it. Thank DOG! 
(Actually, this shop makes really cute costumes for all occasions if you're into dressing up. Just saying.)

The Road Dogs (your personal shoppers)


3 doxies said...

Oh dear...dis is NOT good! Now just because my mum is oooohing and ahhhhing don't mean it ain't embarrassing to drees up like dat. We is dogs fur cryin' outloud.
My mum has fingerless gloves...hehehe! Her says they is good to use da camera with in da cold...whatever.


Wyatt said...

Please don't show this to my Mom. I don't want her to get any ideas...c'mon, all the other dogs would laugh at me! :)


Sharon said...

I wear a football sweatshirt when it's cold but Jill likes to go natural. She would probably have a fit if Mommy tried to make her wear anything!


Zona said...

Those are some cute costumes... though I hope my mom buys me a basket of bones instead. BOL!


Backcountry Brodie said...

OMD! OMD! If'n mom walks in and sees this and starts shopping, I is going to have to chew through the pooter cord.

Scooter said...

Hey Road Dogs!
This is just hysterical! Love these pix of dressed-up pups. Hats for Bratz is the bestest. Thanks for sharing and giving me a great big chuckle this morning!
Grr and an Amused Woof,

The Daily Pip said...

Oh no, I think that elf hat may be in the my future ... say it isn't so.

Your pal, Pip

Noah said...

Those are some really cute outfits.

Peanut said...

The stuff in life that people make (like dog clothes) can sometimes be pointless, but those costumes are to cute to be true!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD... I can just tell that there are some peeps out there... gettin ready to ... BUY BUY BUY. Hope my mom isn't one of 'em.

houndstooth said...

Mom had fingerless gloves -- she says they're great for texting!

We've heard of A and B Originals, but had no idea they had Christmas sweaters!

Please do not put any more links for Christmas hats on here! You don't know what this does to our mom. I want to know which one of you is going to wear that hat!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

My mom knows better!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't stay long cuz my mom might walk up and know...IDEAS. Ack! Here she comes! Bye!

Wiggles & Wags,

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

At the end of a difficult day, your post has given me a good grin! My dogs are just hoping I don't get any ideas!!

I hope you've had an enjoyable day!!

Two Pitties in the City said...

Yes, it started ok, but that elf hat...way too funny. Let's see if anyone does show up in the elf hat; I would love to see it!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Those fingerless gloves would work well with the iPhone, but Mom says her fingers need to be warm. Cute costumes, but better THOSE pups and not US:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Those are really all cute. I'm safe in saying this because Shar Pei really don't need a lot of winter gear and I'm sure that no one here is going to buy any of it. Uh oh....BlogMom is eyeing that elf hat. If it comes in our size we may have a problem...

lotsa licks, Lola

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the better to pick up poopies, my dear. :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

BEEEEEE utiful!
Benny & Lily

Those Elgin Pugs said...

hee hees... 'dose gloves and 'da matching sweater are too cutes!!

Yous should see our Christmas cards from two years ago!! Daddy Matched Anakin Man and Mommy matched IzZY and 'da Josie Posie... hee hee!!

Window shopping?? Is 'dere such tings... hee hees

Josie Posie

D.K. Wall said...

Our hu-dad wears fingerless gloves all of the time. They are leather and padded in the palms - perfect for scootering or sledding with us. But the fingerless allows him to quickly deal with ropes and knots and such. On really cold days, he will wear bigger gloves OVER the fingerless gloves so he can move quickly if need be.

Granted, his might be a little less stylish since fingerless gloves can easily be found at motorcycle supply shops.

Unknown said...

Oh great... thanks for the challenge. Guess who might be victim now!!!!

George The Lad said...

lol!! Funny, mind you not if you have to wear any of them, and whats all them dog pants about!!!
See Yea George xxx

Spoiled Bratzwear said...

Thank you for including my elfkin hat and ski set! Functional fashions are my thing :)
Head BratzMaker

Pup Fan said...

That elf hat cracked me up!

Doxie Rod said...

how cute!! even if you don't like wearing the clothes, you look great! all ready for the holidays.

♥ Sallie said...

LOL! You are too funny. I think fingerless gloves are cool!


Angela said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Santa Sweater & Snugs !!!!

FiveSibesMom said...

You know, I wasn't a fan of the fingerless gloves, but over the past few years, I have grown to become fond of them. Great for things like petting the Sibes when outside, taking photos of the Sibes on my phone, sending phone pics of the Sibes to my Facebook and Twitter...I really like those Santa ones! Very cool!

And I do really like the apres ski blue on you!!!

the booker man said...

okie dokie, i totally dig the fingerless santa gloves for your mama!! on the other paw, my mama is gettin' crazy ideas from seein' that elf hat, and me 'n asa are gettin' worried that we are gonna have a really embarrassing christmas picture... :(

the booker man

Unknown said...

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