Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Kayla is a "Daddy's Girl" through and through!  Even though Mom is the one who adopted Kayla and got to know her first, it was love at first sight between Dad and Kayla and she gets really bummed when he's out of town, which is WAY TOO MUCH lately, as far as we're concerned. BUT, somebody's gotta pay for the treats, right?

SO, Mom decided to take Kayla all by herself on a Magical Mystery Tour to try to help get her out of her "I MISS MY DAD" funk. 

First stop - WAFFLE HOUSE for BACON!

Oh, this day is already starting out great!

Then - on to PetSmart for treats and toys and whatever Kayla wants!

No surprise here - Kayla goes right for the TREATS!  She's got kinda short legs, so she's stuck with whatever's on the bottom shelf.  Fortunately, there was a pretty good selection and she tore into some right there in the store!

Hmmm, guess Mom's buying those! BOL

Hey, it said BIG BITE - so Kayla took one! hehe

She took a bite out of this one, too! 
Can you spot the hole in the bag?

So this is the treat haul they came home with. 
Something for all of us :)

Now that Kayla has her snacks, Mom decided she needs some of those educational interactive toys to keep her from being so bored.  Kayla is a very smart girl and isn't satisfied with the repetitious games of fetch and fetch and fetch some more that most of us love so much. She doesn't see the point if there's not a treat involved and after 2 or 3 fetches, she just lays down and starts gnawing on whatever she's supposed to be fetching - stick, tennis ball, pine cone, whatever. We have to say, though, that she's got some very clean teeth!

We've got lots of those "roll it around and the treat falls out" kind of toys.  But Mom thought she should get something not food related for a change.  She had read about some of you liking the Hide-A-Squirrel toy, so she got one of those. 

None of us have figured out what the heck to do with this yet.

They brought home our own squeaky toy Pumpkin' Patch and creepy crawler spider, too!  You know, in case we couldn't figure out that squirrel thingymajig.

NEXT STOP - a new collar . . .

We don't get many new collars around here.  Cooper and Aspen swim so much that they had to get those NO-STINK collars which are very sturdy and don't wear out.  And, well, to be honest, nobody here thinks much about collars until we see all of YOUR awesome collars.  Then, we kinda get in the mood to change it up a bit.  And now that we look at it, Kayla had really done a number on the old one.

So, a new collar was in order -

haha Mom's not very original, eh?  Same theme, different colors.  Well, Kayla DOES love her treats so bones totally suit her! 
And speaking of BONES . . .

NEXT STOP - the grocery store for raw meaty bones!

Our peeps aren't as industrious as Frankie's peeps, so they have to BUY our meaty bones.  But, you know something?  We don't mind too much!

Cooper got one, too, but he took it to the backyard to hide it :)

All in all, Kayla thought it was a pretty spectacular day and wonders why EVERY day isn't an ALL-KAYLA MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR!

The Road Dogs


bbes tribe said...

How nice of Mom to take you on a special magikal tour of your very own!! You ARE lucky and loved...

Scooter said...

Hey Road Dogs!
Wow, looks like Kayla really made out with this one! She's all set up with super pressies. Love that new collar. Sure am glad that everyone got a bone! Delish.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Oskar said...

Holy cow, what an amazing day! I don't get to eat bones, but if they sold them at my store I might get to try one. I will be instructing my mom person to check it out.

Nubbin wiggles,

fromsophiesview said...

mMm..Mmmmm...all those treats and things...enough to drive you to Happy Bonkers it!
PS the Modality for Sophie's touching session is called NAET...long Indian name click HERE and you'll see heavy duty info on it. Enjoy!

Mimi Lenox said...

I just wanted to stop by and remind you that BlogBlast4Peace is NOV 4th. We hope to see you again this year flying a peace globe! Please join us.