Friday, November 11, 2011


We salute all Veterans today (including our Dad)!  In honor of Veterans Day, we want to mention the Pets for Patriots organization.  Click on the logo to learn more about this organization that is committed to bringing together veterans and homeless, last-chance pets.

Today is also the DUCK TAPE FESTIVAL FINALE and we just want to say it's been a BLAST and we want to THANK efurryone who entered a DUCK TAPE CREATION and efurryone who stopped by to check out the amazing DUCK TAPE CREATIONS!  And please check out our adorable adoptable at the end of today's post!
Before we show you today's DUCK TAPE CREATIONS, this is for BERT ~ hat's off to you, buddy!

Kayla wearing Dad's favorite hat on our trip Out West

Now ~ on to the show!  Our first ARTSY FARTSY DUCK TAPE entry today comes from WYATT and STANZIE - just in time for THANKSGIVING! 

We've taken the liberty of naming their creation - TURDUCKEN!  We kind of, um, appropriated the name and changed its original definition :) but we think it fits perfectly for these adorable DUCK TAPE TURKEYS that can be used as Placecard Holders OR a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!  Wyatt and Stanzie's Mom have provided a list of supplies to make your very OWN TURDUCKEN ~

Duct Tape
Glue gun
Glass of wine (optional)

We suggest you go easy on that wine so you don't end up DUCK TAPING or GLUING all your furs! BOL!

Great for indoor dining at a proper table OR

Outside for a picnic!

We've got TONS of pine cones around here - Kayla likes to use them to clean her teeth.  Wonder if we could get Wyatt and Stanzie to create some cool DUCK TAPE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS, too?!  Whattaya say, guys?  How about it?
Thanks to Wyatt and Stanzie for sharing these super adorable and creative turkeys with us.  Hope we get to see pics of your Thanksgiving table with these little guys on it!

And now, for our GRAND FINALE ~ our final entry comes from none other than HIZ HONOR MAYOR FRANKIE FURTER!  You're not going to believe what Frankie created from DUCK TAPE - his arch nemesis - a SNOWMAN!  BOL!

We're not sure what DUCK TAPE FRANKIE has in mind for this SNOWMAN, but we're betting it's not gonna be good for the SNOWMAN!  Or . . . could it be that Frankie's decided to become furiends with the snowman?  Maybe having a new Ernie puppy around has mellowed Frankie's feelings about SNOWMEN?!  Is this a story in the making???  Guess we'll just have to stay tuned to Frankie's blog to see where this new furiendship is headed . . .

Thanks Mayor Frankie for taking time out of your puppy-raising (not to mention MAYORAL) duties to share your DUCK TAPE CREATION with us.  AND for co-hosting this fabulous BLOGVILLE DUCK TAPE FESTIVAL.  We sure had fun seeing all the DUCK TAPE CREATIONS!  They really surpassed anything we imagined and we hope they have inspired your own DUCK TAPE ideas! 

Now, we did promise PRIZES and PRIZES there will be.  All the entries are so wonderful, we could never choose a "BEST" so we're gonna choose the easy way - we (The Road Dogs and Mayor Frankie), will each randomly choose (without peeking!), one winner from EACH CATEGORY - one for ARTSY FARTSY CREATION and one for DUCK TAPE IN ACTION.  We will each post the winners on our blogs on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14!  So stay tuned . . . and hang on . . . 

Today is also the last "official" day for MAYZIE'S RESCUE ME HOME WEEK. But, with all the amazing participation this week, we have a feeling the spirit of RESCUE ME HOME WEEK will continue and we'll be seeing more adorable adoptables popping up all over Blogville!  Thank you Mayzie for encouraging efurryone to get involved and help pups find their furever homes!

Our adorable adoptable today is living right down the street from us at our wonderful vet's, Dr. Ruth (Sun Dog Cat Moon). 
Phantom taking over Dr. Ruth's chair!

Her name is Phantom and she's an English Setter.  She's about 3-4 years old and has been spayed.  Phantom had heartworms and our super fantastic vet has treated her and she's going on one month clear of the nasty heartworms!  Mom has met Phantom in the fur and says she is a sweetie!  In fact, Mom & Dad are going to get up close and fursonal with her today and take her for a walk and maybe some zoomies since she's been kinda cooped up and not able to get the proper exercise 'cause of the heartwork treatment.  But she's good to go now and ready for her furever home that will give her plenty of love and exercise!  If you've got a soft spot for high-energy Setters and want to know more about Phantom, just email us and we'll put you in touch with Dr. Ruth and the Setter rescue that's sponsoring sweet Phantom.

Whew!  This has been a busy blogging week!  Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

The Road Dogs


Finn said...

Wow, those entries are just fantastic! Some doggies out there are very creative!! And a big thank you to your Pops for serving our fine country!!!

Backcountry Brodie said...

How timely and festive DUCK turkeys and WINE - you has the whole Thanksgibbing thing wrapped up with that! And I think Frankie wants to DUCK TAPE the SNOW into SNOWMEN and haul them OUTTA HERE! Wot a DUCKIE fun festival this has been.

Anonymous said...

BOL! Just luved both Wyatt and Stanzie's Turducten creations and Frankies abominable snowman! Just grand fun! :D What a great Artsy Fartsy Friday!!!
Luv the hat on backwards that Kayla is wearing. The only way to wear that hat! :D
And that is so wonderful of you to go see Phantom and take her out for some exercise and fun! Paws up to y'all :D So glad to hear she is heartworm free! You go Dr. Ruth! :D
Wishing Phantom her furever home soon soon soon!!!

Waggin at ya,

PeeS: Your wish fur Stella came true :D

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD... Stanzie and Wyatt made
TURDuckens ? THOSE are FANGtastic. JUST FANGtastic!!!

TURDuckens??? BaaaaWaaaah
Tooooo funny!! VERY VERY creative.

THANK your Dad fur Serving!!
We love ALL Veterans in our house!!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

How lovely that your vet takes in animals in need. I hope that gorgeous Phantom finds the perfect home.

Those are some amazing Turducken! What home would be without one this holiday season?

The Daily Pip said...

Duck tape turkeys and a duck tape snowman!! Maybe it is good we didn't participate as we never would have come up with something this creative!

Hope Phantom finds a new home soon!

Your pal, Pip

Wyatt said...

Oooo, we didn't even think about Christmas decor! Thanks fur the idea Frankie, love your snowman. Maybe we can make a reindeer...heehee!

Wyatt, Stanzie and mom

Berts Blog said...

So many fun ideas. WE can't wait to try out our skills. Surely you don't have to be able to cook to make duck tape Turkeys. My Vickie should be able to handle this.

Thanks for the hat picture too.

Great Job this week.


HoundDogMom said...

The Duct tape turkeys are so neat. We wish our human was creative like that. Maybe your humans will fall in love with her on their walkie today and you will get a new fur-sibling. BOL....We agree very busy week blogging we can't remember the last time or the first time we posted every day of the week. Have a Great Day. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

SissySees said...

Gretchen says Phantom looks like a smart, cool dog. (She's rather fond of office chairs too.)

I like the duct tape turkeys!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Oh LOVE that Turkey Duct Tape. We are Golden Delight to participate on your Duct Tape Festival. Hope Phantom finds his forever home soon. LOVE the name. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We're still laughin' at Frankie's if he hasn't got enough of those!!!

The turkeys are great.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Da Duck Tape Festival was pawsome! Mom has promised me dat if you do it next year I will be able to participate! :) Thanks fur a great and fun week and thanks fur lettin' us know 'bouts beootiful Phantom!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Oskar said...

What adorable name holders! Their mom is so crafty!

Phantom looks like a really cool pup.

Nubbin wiggles,

Suka said...

hey Road Dogs,

Phantom is a beauty! Love her face! And her sweet smile! My paws are crossed that she finds a wonderful loving forever home, and quickly before the holidays. Thanks for showcasing her! You have a big heart and Mayzie is amazing for putting this event on!

The Duck Tape Festival is so cool! It has been fun seeing all the fun creations. :->

We also salute and honor all the Veterans, both human and animal, who have served their Country. My human also has generations of family members who have served. Many thanks to your dad for his service. :->

Kayla, you look adorable in your dad's hat!


Two French Bulldogs said...

we love the pets for patriots!
Benny & Lily

houndstooth said...

Those entries are awesome! I agree, there could never be a best one chosen. You guys did a great job with the festival!

Phantom is adorable! I wonder if she's Road Dog material...


Anonymous said...

Wowee! The duck tape entries are PETACULAR! I luvs Wyatt & Stanzie's turkeys and Mayor Frankie's grey snowman is Most Marvelous! I luvs this festival and I hope you do something like it again. We just had oodles going on so we couldn't pawticipate this time.

Oh, gosh, Phantom is super GAWJUSS! I luvs her mask on her face. I guess that's where she got her name, huh? It looks like she'd be fun to have around AND she'd be good at doing office work, too! My paws are crossed tight that she finds her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was real soon!

Wiggles & Wags,