Sunday, May 16, 2010

There's STICKERS in New Mexico

Weather has cleared. Yay! And we arrived in Santa Rosa, NM today. We found this park and loved the view so much that we decided to stay for a couple of days.

Also, they have these prickly things growing out of the ground and you really need to stay away from them. Mom said they were cactus - does that mean they're a kind of cat? They can poke you and it kind of hurts (just like cats)! Cooper was going to pee on this cactus, but decided not to!

The ground is getting dustier and rockier, too, so it’s a little harder to walk on than the grass at home. But we’re getting some good exercise. Lots of trails and rocks to climb on in the park!

There aren’t as many trees as the places we visited before – especially not the big shady trees we’re used to. But they have lots of little scrubby trees and we can pee on those just fine.

If you're visiting Santa Rosa, be sure to check out Santa Rosa Lake State Park. Get some info here, too, before you go -

But please don't tell 'em you saw us without our leashes on! We do NOT condone this kind of behavior! It's our Mom and Dad's fault! We begged them to put our leashes on, but they said it was okay for just a minute because no people were around. We're innocent - we swear!

The Road Dogs


♥ Sallie said...

Yay Blog Hop!

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Thank you for following my blog. I'm now following yours and I must say it looks most interesting. I'll never tell about the leash thing, either.

wags, Lola

ok said...

Following you from the blog hop! Thanks for visiting the Tales of Dexter and Nora. Your photos are so gorgeous, I have never been out west, but it sure looks pretty!

Road Dog Tales said...

Thanks to all of you for following our adventures! We are a bit behind on posting because of not-great internet coverage, but we will post when we can. Hope to read more of all of your blogs.

Road Dog Tales said...

P.S. - Lola, thanks for not telling on us!

bbes tribe said...

We were visiting Benny & Lily & thought we'd drop by & visit you. We enjoyed our visit & will drop by from time to time. You afre welcome to stop by & visit us when you can. Like the no leash thing. Our lips are sealed.
Ernie,Sasha,& Chica

Road Dog Tales said...

bbes tribe - thanks for following. we've joined your tribe and will check back later to read all about you!

Life With Dogs said...

I'm not telling! :)

You pooches could use some sandals if you're going to run around there much - you don't want to get a flat. :)

Road Dog Tales said...

Life With Dogs - Good tip! Wish Mom & Dad were as smart as you! Some of us have boots, but somebody forgot to bring them with us!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and so glad I did! We'll be traveling around the U.S. with our dog, Gus, next year, and your blog will be so helpful with planning!