Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Got an Award! Yay!

We're so excited!  We received a Versatile Blogger Award today from Welcome Sunshine Home.  Thanks Alison, Jake, Brewster and Max!  We are honored!!!  BTW, you guys sure are creative!


We hope Mom has a special dinner planned for us tonight to celebrate! We're thinking steak . . .

But, before we enjoy our celebration dinner, we have some blog award duties that we are more than happy to fulfill right now -

First - we must share seven things about ourselves.  We won't bore you with seven things for each of us, that would be, like 35 things and that's just getting way too personal.  We like our privacy.  So here are seven things about the group of us -

1. Cooper goes off into the bushes to poop. Isn't that just too silly?  Do any of you do that?
2. Taz is a Momma's boy. And he's not ashamed of it!
3. Kayla stands under the big dogs when they get treats and catches pieces that fall out of their mouths. Ewwww!
4. Gracie lies about her age! But, we know what it is.
5. Aspen has one ear that doesn't stand up straight all the time, especially when she's tired.
6. All of us are adopted. We KNOW! We were shocked, too! I mean, Mom has brown eyes, like us.
7. We love Mom and Dad! And all of you for reading our blog!

Now we get to choose some blogs that we've recently discovered and love. This will be super hard because we love all the blogs we read - especially those about animals! What's not to love about that.  Anyway, we have to pick some, so we give PAWS UP! to a few of our recent discoveries -

George the Lad - we just can't resist a British accent
12 Legs Travel - when you read it, you'll see why it's one of our fave's
Pei Days - featuring Lola the Chinese Shar Pei - Lola just cracks us up!
Two Pitties in the City  - first, that avatar just makes us laugh and we like to laugh. second, pitties that let their humans put tutus and hats on them deserve an award!
Tiny Little Dog - she will send you free Gruffin samples - that deserves an award! What are Gruffins, you ask. Visit the blog and find out!

In fact, go visit all these fabulous blogs if you haven't already.

Remember...there are a few duties that come with accepting The Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Thank the person/people who gave it to you.
2. Tell seven random things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 5-15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and think are fantastic. Don't forget to let them know! :)

Don't forget to put the Versatile Blogger Award Badge somewhere on your blog so everybody will know you won an award!

Gotta go get that steak!

The Road Dogs


Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Thank you very much. I am truly honored. Also, there are a couple of blogs you listed there that I haven't seen, but I am going to visit them right now. They sound most interesting.

wags, Lola

pee s. Blog Mom says we're visting them first thing tomorrow because it's bedtime now.

houndstooth said...

Congratulations on the award! It was cool to learn a little more about you!


George The Lad said...

Hi guys, thanks so much, is it OK to pick the award up after the weekend, moms away and dads looking after me!!! let you know how I get on later in the week.
Thanks Again
George xxx

The Daily Pip said...

Kayla sounds like my kind of dog! Congratulations!

Your pal, Pip

Road Dog Tales said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! We don't think there's a time limit to do your award doodies. After all, it's Versatile! That means "whenever", right?
See you all on the blog hop later!
The Road Dogs

Zona said...

It was great to get to know you better! My sister sneaks off to the bushes to do her business too! We thought she was odd to do that. BOL!


How Sam Sees It said...

I'm with Lola - there are a few new blogs there!

Congratulations on your award!


Veronica said...

Oh my gosh!!! thank you so much for the award! I am sooooo excited!!! I am fairly new at writing a bog, but I love it! I hope I can get better every day a tiny little bit at the time! and yes, we have some free samples of our gruffins every month or so!!! :)
Can I write you an email with the 7 facts about Thomas?? and my fav. recently discovered blogs? tomorrow? my sister is getting married tonight that's why I could no reply before!

Two Pitties in the City said...

It's nice to hear such interesting things about you all. Thanks for the award; it's nice to be in such great dog blog company!